Javelin Throw World Records Johannes Vetter near by Olympic champion Jan Zelezny all time Record News Updates | Former World Champion Johannes threw the 97.76-meter spear, the second player to do so; Jelezny topped with 98.48 m

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  • Javelin Throw World Records Johannes Vetter Near By Olympic Champion Jan Zelezny All Time Record News Updates

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German javelian thrower Johannes Wetter won gold at the 2017 World Championships in London. -File photo

  • Three-time Olympic champion Jan Zelezny threw a spear 98.48 meters in 1996
  • Germany’s Johannes Wetter surpassed compatriot Thomas Rohler (93.90 m)

Former world champion Germany’s javelin thrower Johannes Wetter missed the world record on Sunday. He threw a 97.76-meter javelin in a tournament in Poland. He has become the second player in history to do so.

Before them, Jan Zelezny of Czechoslovakia threw a spear 98.48 meters in 1996. It holds the world record for 24 years. Zelezny has also been a three-time Olympic champion.

Break your own old record
At the same time, Johannes, who missed the world record, won gold at the 2017 World Championship in London. He could not break Jelezny’s record, but has broken his own old record. He bowled 4 meters more than his previous record.

Left Thomas Rohler behind
With this, Johannes left compatriot Thomas Rohler. Rohler became the second athlete in 2017 by throwing a 93.90-meter spear.


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