Jeet Sehra: ‘Delhi Crime’ became a winner because it did not contain abuses and violence, artfully put the truth in an artistic way

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5 hours agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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Adil Hussain, Sanjay Bishnoi, Rajesh Tailang and Mridul Sharma were the star cast of Delhi Crime.

Netflix’s Indian series ‘Delhi Crime’ on ‘Nirbhaya Kand’ has won the ‘Best Drama Series’ at the 48th International Emmy Awards. Its height is not less than Oscar. The actors associated with the series have shared the reasons behind its victory and the stories related to making with daily Bhaskar.

  • No ‘shock and all’ treatment of George Bush in Kissagoi: Adil Hussain

Disgusting crime was not shown in the same brutal manner. Dialogue was not about ingenuity, vulgarity, blood splashes. Otherwise, the web series has the support of violence, sex. It is easier to engage the audience than that. Our show did not support them. There are two ways of showing the truth. One identically. Secondly in an artistic way. The ‘Nirbhaya incident’ and the incident of catching criminals is of 7 days. But we showed it in seven hours. Our aim was to show condolences and respect to the victim. This is the reason for meeting Amy.

There is also another way to show disgusting identities. As it is said in the films of Anurag Kashyap. I call it ‘shock and all’ treatment. Art goes beyond disgusting. Art is also definitely soft power. But his purpose is to show analysis. The work of its director and cinematographer gives a feel of the documentary. Big shots are shot in one shot. Not all the ordinary audience feels it, but that photography impresses everyone. So it is appropriate to get the award. This is not surprising.

  • Netflix came after the show was made, when it won at Sundance: Rajesh Telang

The story is handled in such a way that there is no glorification of crime anywhere. His seriousness persisted. Every aspect has been tried to touch. Richie has taken care of this in both writing and direction. The crime did not have to be served in the original. He knows ruthlessness in society. There is no need to show a mirror to society every time. Should talk about the issue. There is news media to show the exact same When we started making it, it was becoming independent. Netflix did not buy it then.

Netflix came on board even after it won the Sundance Film Festival. Otherwise, it was just that Richie Mehta and all of us were working on a material research of four to five years. Otherwise no one knew that a platform would come. Our producer Akilian, Apoorva, Pooja etc. also had a trust that we will make something. No one should buy. It was almost the same that we were going to make something good, it would definitely be good. If you do any work honestly, then you definitely reach somewhere.

  • Worked for 15 to 20 days on character: Mridul Sharma (who plays the role of the guilty Jaisingh)

Scrutinized all the news related to him to play the role of a criminal named Jaisingh. From the same body language, how he would have taken the decision, he supervised other things very closely. Thinking all this, I worked on the character for 15 to 20 days. My most memorable story related to the shoot is the intersection scene. The scene was shot entirely in the night. I was quite nervous about that. Secondly, he was performing in front of Sean Rajesh Telang and Shefali Shah Ji. I was quite nervous about that. But when the filming started, the director, crew members on the set created such an atmosphere that the task became easy.

The police are the real heroes in the series and the real event as well. They found out the culprits very promptly. In real life, I too would have punished the culprit through legal process. The show was a winner because everyone associated with it gave a big positive atmosphere. Due to this, all the artists and crew members gave their 100%. As a result, it has awarded India an Oscar level.

  • There was only writing material for the role, shooting Naked in 5 degree temperature: Sanjay Bishnoi (as Nirbhaya’s friend)

Playing the role of Nirbhaya’s friend was a big tricky. It was not aloud to meet anyone. The writing material was to go through the skin of the character. You are going somewhere in the capital of the country. Suddenly, five people attack, it becomes such a painful accident. Then what will you think of yourself from that day onwards. How will you face her parents? How will you see yourself? It is very difficult to get out of such a mind state. How people were dealt. I studied such cases. Found out why these cases happen in India. He got the most help.

The memorable story of the shooting was the first day. The first shot was said to be shooting in a naked body suit. The shoot took place at the real location, where Nirbhaya and her friend were thrown without clothes. The cinematographer said that the naked body suit would be a throwback. So shoot naked. It was very cold then. We were shooting on 16 January. Still put the issue above myself, which I had a chance to work on. Naked shoots again.


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