jhansi Congressmen are faltering but trying to stand up; Government should not have closed Afghanistan Embassy: Salman Khurshid | The government should not have closed the Afghanistan Embassy; Congress is stumbling but trying to stand up: Salman Khurshid

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Salman Khurshid said that the embassy was closed after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan while it should not have been closed.

Senior Congress leader and former External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, who is trying to find his ground in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, said on Saturday in Jhansi, the city of Veerangana, that we have definitely stumbled in the state but still trying to stand up. It is important to be together even after faltering. Salman Khurshid has surrounded the central government on the issue of Afghanistan, accusing the government of not being alert in time. He said that the embassy was closed after the Taliban took over in Afghanistan while it should not have been closed.

The senior Congress leader, who reached Veerangana Nagar Jhansi to interact with the people on the Congress election manifesto, while answering the questions of journalists at the Circuit House, admitted that the base of his party has faltered, which the party is constantly trying to handle. Taking a jibe at the leaders who left the party, he said that those who stuttered more, they left the party and are doing s, we have not gone because the party has done a lot for us and in bad times we cannot leave the party, it is our responsibility. To bring the party out of this bad phase.

The government should make all possible efforts to evacuate Indians from Afghanistan. He said that the government has not given complete information to the people of the state on this issue to the opposition. He said that the government should clarify whether the government in Qatar has talked to the Taliban, if it talks to the Taliban, then what is it. Information is not being given in the case of Afghanistan. The sequence of events that has happened in Afghanistan has damaged India’s policy. He said that it is an international matter. He said that there was a meeting on this issue in Russia but India was not called. He said that the Taliban cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Taliban may have formed the government but it cannot be trusted. The way common people are being oppressed and incidents of violence are happening there, it cannot be supported under any circumstances.

He said that the issue of Taliban was not raised in the UNSC meeting, all this was done under pressure from China. He said that he condemned the air strike in Panchsheel. Support of Pakistan is harmful for the country. He said that the government in Qatar should clarify what the government has talked to the Taliban. He said that India has always supported the Northern Alliance, where it can be helped by giving medicines and training etc. The government should talk to people like Hamid Karzai. The government will have to tell this in front of the country.

Congress national spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had told the government on July 21 that the Taliban is continuously occupying Afghanistan and is moving forward, he also raised the matter in the Parliamentary Standing Committee but the government In response to a question, Salman Khurshid said that thousands of youth Congress workers helped the public during the Corona period. He puts a question mark on the government on the matter of Corona, so that whether it should have been swimming in the Ganges from La is a serious matter. The former External Affairs Minister said that the Congress manifesto would be prepared with the opinion of all sections of the society. He said that the people of the country are suffering from poverty, inflation, unemployment, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously, the life of the general public has become difficult, on this issue, the upcoming assembly elections will be held on behalf of the Congress, Salman Khurshid said that There is no dearth of people in Congress, in relation to Priyanka Gandhi’s chief ministerial candidate, he said that this question should be asked to him.

These Congressmen of Jhansi were present

Former Union Minister Pradeep Jain Aditya Congress National Secretary Sudhanshu Tripathi Rahul Rai Rahul Richaria Congress District President Bhagwandas Kori Uttar Pradesh Kisan Congress President Shiv Narayan Singh Parihar Metropolitan President Arvind Vashistha, Rajendra Sharma Former Spokesperson Mandal Congress Maniram Kushwaha, Mahila Congress State Vice President Neeta Agarwal and all the prominent leaders of Congress were present.

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