Jhansi Mauranipur shooting case: Police can arrest main accused Manish Sethia today | Main accused Manish Sethia had consumed poison for fear of arrest, police can arrest as soon as he is discharged from the hospital

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Photo of Manish Sethia, the main accused in Mauranipur shooting.

All the accused in the Mauranipur shooting incident in Jhansi are now in the custody of the police. The main accused in the murder case, Manish Sethia, had consumed poison on Wednesday fearing arrest. Due to which his condition had worsened. His wife had admitted him to the health centre. From where he was referred to the medical college for treatment. There he is undergoing treatment. The police can arrest him when he is discharged from the hospital from today.

Controversy over removal of motorcycle on June 12
On the night of June 12, there was a dispute over removing the motorcycle at Mauranipur Dubey Chowk in Jhansi. Bullion trader Ashok Aggarwal was shot dead, eight people were considered accused in the shooting. The police had registered a named FIR against everyone on the charge of murder.

Out of this, 5 accused were arrested by the police on the same day. The three accused kept escaping from the grip of the police. The police continued to raid from place to place to nab the accused. Two days ago, the police had arrested Akhilesh Vishwakarma and Rakesh Sethia.

had eaten poison for fear of going to jail
Manish Sethia, the last and main accused of this shooting, could not be caught by the police. Police was raiding from place to place in search of him. On Wednesday, suddenly the police got the news that Manish Sethia had consumed poison. After which his wife admitted him to the health center. But the doctors there referred him to the medical college for treatment. According to doctors Manish Sethia is out of danger.

Inspector Shailendra Singh said – Police will arrest Manish today
Mauranipur Inspector Shailendra Singh told that Manish Sethia is in the custody of the police, today the doctors of the medical college will discharge him from the hospital after investigation. As soon as he is discharged from the hospital, the police will arrest him and send him to jail. Now all the eight accused of Mauranipur shooting are in the custody of the police.

Traders took strict action
The bullion traders had demanded the early arrest of all the accused involved in the incident from the SSP. Now after the arrest of all the accused, the chairman of the committee Mukesh Agarwal said that justice should be given to the family of Ashok Aggarwal and the accused should be punished severely.

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