Jind Ka Chorra will land in IPL-15 dusting: Yuzvendra Chahal will face the old team RCB today; Here the challenge of taking revenge, there the challenge of winning

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Today old train in front of Yuzvendra

Today is the day to settle the account for Yuzvendra Chahal, the son of Jind, Haryana. In IPL-15, on Tuesday evening, their Rajasthan Royals (RR) is up against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Yuzvendra Chahal used to be a part of RCB till the season-15, but RCB shook him this time and he stood in RR’s court. Today, the matter here is not only about the match between the two teams, but it is about overcoming RCB and Yuzvendra Chahal, who have become a challenge for each other.

The challenge for Yuzvendra Chahal is that he has to outdo RCB at any cost. On the other hand, RCB has to show that they have not made a big mistake by not buying Chahal, while winning this match after losing one of the two matches is also a big challenge for them. The eyes of Yuzvendra’s fans are going to be on this to what extent they are able to stop those who leave him and move forward.

Yuzvendra Chahal with fellow player during the match.

Yuzvendra Chahal with fellow player during the match.

Winning pressure on both teams

Yuvjendra Chahal of Rajasthan Royals is going to face his old team Royal Challengers Bangalore today. Chahal was a part of Bangalore till last season. From this season he is playing for Rajasthan Royals. Rajasthan Royals team has won both the last matches. In which Chahal’s bowling has played an important role. He has taken 5 wickets in both the matches. All eyes are going to be on Chahal in Tuesday’s match as to how his performance will be against RCB. It is going to be very thrilling to see whether RCB will be able to give them a jolt or they will be in the hands of Chahal.

Chahal has lived up to the expectations of Rajasthan

Yuzvendra Chahal, who had previously performed for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), is showing his stamina this time for Rajasthan Royals (RR). Yuzvendra Chahal was bought by Rajasthan in the mega auction for 6.50 crores. Buying Chahal of Rajasthan proved to be good. Rajasthan has played two matches in this season. Sunrisers Hyderabad were defeated in the first match, in which Chahal took three wickets for 22 runs in four overs. The second match was against Mumbai Indians, in which Rajasthan also won. Chahal took two wickets for two runs in four overs in this match. He is expected to show his strength even today, as he is also under pressure to teach a lesson to the old team.

Yuzvendra is under pressure to outdo RCB today.

Yuzvendra is under pressure to outdo RCB today.

Chahal a challenge in front of RCB

Yuzvendra Chahal used to be a part of RCB till this season. This time Bangalore did not retain Chahal, due to which Rajasthan Royals bought him. Chahal’s performance for Bengaluru in the past has been excellent. He has taken 139 wickets in 114 matches. In the last season, Chahal was RCB’s second highest wicket-taker. In today’s match, Chahal will become a challenge in front of RCB. RCB have played two matches this season in which the team has one win and one loss. Therefore, it is believed that today’s match is going to be special for RCB, because Chahal, who was part of their team in the past, will be seen bowling in front of them today.

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