Jivitputrika went to bathe with her mother during the fast, accident happened due to going into the pit below. Jivitputrika went to take a bath with her mother in the fast, accident happened due to going into the pit below

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Innocent girl rescued from Louva river by local people.

A 10-year-old girl died by drowning in the Louva river in a village in Duddhi. Nearby people hurriedly pulled him out of the river and took him to the local CHC. Where the doctors examined the girl and declared her brought dead.

Please tell that the matter is of Birr village of Duddhi Kotwali area. A pit was dug by the working organization near the temple on the side of the newly built bridge over the Louva river passing through it.

girl drowned while bathing in river
According to eyewitnesses, 10-year-old Ritu Soni daughter Bhola Soni, along with her mother, who was observing a 24-hour fast during the Jivitputrika fast, went to the Lauva river to take a bath. Where she went into the pit while taking a bath. Seeing which the people around took him out of the water. Seeing the situation critical, the girl was brought to the Community Health Center in a private vehicle. Where the doctor present after the examination declared him dead.

People’s anger against the working organization
Angered by the incident, the people protested demanding action against the working organization. In this case, Trainee CO Amit Kumar, Crime Inspector Shesh Nath Pal, town in-charge Sanjay Singh reached the spot and inspected the spot and sent the community health center Dudhi for post-mortem, while doing Panchnama of the dead body, saying that appropriate action would be taken.

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