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‘Jo Cheez Mehengi Hai…’: UP Minister Offers Bizarre Solution To Tomato Prices Problem | WATCH – News18

Last Updated: July 23, 2023, 16:42 IST

The all-time high rising prices of Tomatoes have sparked memes and strong reactions on social media platforms but Uttar Pradesh Minister Pratibha Shukla has a solution.

In a bizarre statement, which went viral, the Uttar Pradesh minister advised people to not eat tomatoes anymore as it would bring the prices down.

In a viral clip, Shukla when asked about the rising prices of tomatoes said that if prices of some items are going up, people should give up those things and start eating other alternative items.

“If prices of some items are rising, you should stop eating that thing. Stop eating tomatoes, the prices will inevitably come down. And people should attempt to grow tomatoes at home. You can also eat lemon instead of tomato. If nobody is eating tomatoes, the prices will come down,” the UP minister could be seen saying in Hindi.

The minister’s statement drew criticism from Congress claiming that the government is trying to pin down the issue on people and it is not trying to bring the prices down.

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate shared the clip and slammed Shukla for her statement and said, “Jo bhi cheez mehengi hai use khana chod dijiye — this advice is coming from a minister of Uttar Pradesh. In the race of being indifferent, you have defeated your colleagues, congratulations.”

Seeking to provide relief to consumers from skyrocketing tomato prices, the Centre on Friday began selling tomatoes in Delhi-NCR and Patna at a discounted rate of Rs 90 per kg, while it will start retailing in Lucknow and Kanpur from Saturday.

For the last few weeks, the retail price of tomatoes has risen sharply and was ruling as high as Rs 244 per kg on Friday across major cities owing to the lean season plus heavy rains.

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