Joe Biden vs Donald Trump | US President Biden said Donald Trump will no longer receive intelligence briefings. | Biden said – Trump will not get any intelligence now, we do not trust his behavior

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Washington4 minutes ago

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On Friday, President Joe Biden accompanied one of his advisors at St. Andrew’s Airbase, near Washington.

US President Joe Biden has made it clear that former President Donald Trump will not be exposed to any intelligence. According to Biden, Trump’s behavior is disturbing, he cannot be trusted. Biden’s statement is shocking. In fact, it has been a tradition in the US that the former president is given as much intelligence briefing as the current president. In such a situation, Biden’s decision can be considered another upset of Trump.

Danger of slipping tongue
In an interview to a CBS channel, Biden commented on Trump. In response to a question, he said- It is true that we have a tradition of intelligence briefing to the former president, but this time it will not be done. Trump’s behavior is disturbing. Even if they demand, we will not be able to give them this information.

Biden continued – I don’t think Trump has any need to get intelligence anymore. What will be the benefit out of this? What will they do? There is always a danger of their tongue slipping. If they say something?

Important meaning of this statement
It has been a tradition in America for a long time that if a former president demands, he is also provided with the same intelligence briefing that is given to the current president. By the way, Biden’s statement is formal in a sense. The reason for this is that Trump himself has not requested any intelligence briefing so far.

Even before I did not pay attention
A CNN report said that Trump did not see the intelligence briefing even when he was in the White House. As a tradition, he had to do this every day, but he used to see these reports only two or three times a week. Since the violence that took place outside and inside the US Parliament on January 6, Trump has emerged as a villain. Five people including a woman and a police officer were killed in the violence. The impeachment process has started on Trump. He may be called to the Senate at any time after 8 February to make a statement.


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