Jonny Bairstow was scared of Umran’s speed: In the net practice last season, he said – Brother, put a little slow ball, 90% of Jammu Express’s ball is 140+ speed

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MumbaiOne hour agoAuthor: Kumar Ritvij

The team in which there was talk of lack of star players, the spectators as well as the cricket legend X players are waiting for the match of that SRH. Wicketkeeper Nicholas Pooran starts smiling while playing against RCB. Actually he has collected Umran’s ball above his head. Umran also smiles lightly. ‘Raw pace and raw bounce, yes….. Bang.

According to the report of Jarrod Kimber written on ESPN Cricinfo, watching Umran’s pace, Kevin Pietersen’s voice echoes on the TV screen. Meanwhile, Matthew Hayden says the speed of 146 kilometers per hour? Simon Dull cuts the talk in the middle and says that this is a warm-up.

When I faced Bairstow at the nets

Umran Malik while bowling Bairstow in the nets.

Last season Jonny Bairstow was part of Sunrisers Hyderabad. Net practice was going on in full swing. Meanwhile, Jammu Express Umran Malik starts the bowling. Batsmen who grew up in English conditions usually like to play pace bowling, but today the situation has changed. The young Umran, who has consistently bowled at a speed above 150, bowls well in front of Bairstow.

After playing a few balls, Umran is asked from Bairstow to reduce the speed a bit. This was a big boost for India’s young speed star. Also, a kind gesture that the Sun of Sunrise will now rise with the help of Umran.

Seam, swing, height, pace all but mention someone else
In his second over of the match against RCB, Marco Yensson took 3 wickets to push Bengaluru on the back foot. Yensen will be included in the world’s big bowlers in the coming times because this left hander has all the seam, swing, height, pace, but today he is not being mentioned. There is only one hero of the whole gathering and that is Umran. The Bangalore team is playing very badly, all the Sunrisers bowlers are performing well, but only Umran is at the center of the conversation.

In this match, his speed comes on the screen. The slowest speed is 138.6kmph, which in itself is a fast delivery, but averages 145kmph. It is difficult for even the fastest bowlers to consistently bowl at a speed of 90 mph. However, Umran makes the impossible possible.

Umran fastest bowler in Indian cricket history in fan poll
Only 2.8% of Umran deliveries make less than 130kmph. He only throws 6.4% of his ball from 130 to 139. At the most he bowls a slow ball every ten balls and to be honest that slow ball is not slow either. Paes storms into the last over of Kota. The first five balls are 151kmph, 148kmph, 151kmph, 141kmph and 147kmph.

Perhaps this is the reason why 77 per cent of the fan polls say that Malik is the fastest bowler India has ever produced. Umran is being compared to Shaun Tait, Mitchell Johnson and Shoaib Akhtar.

Most discussed bowler who took just one wicket
Marco Yensson dismissed Faf du Plessis, Virat Kohli and Anuj Rawat in one over. T Natarajan was also very good, he got Harshal Patel and Hasaranga and Glenn Maxwell too, but the one wicket man gets all the attention. In the mid-match interview, Steyn is first asked about Malik. At the innings break, Pietersen is talking about Malik, even though TV shows other bowlers taking wickets.

You can relate some of it to the fact that he (Umran Malik) is a young Indian fast bowler, but more talk is happening just because he is fast and young. The second bouncer of one over was declared wide due to high height. Usually the bowler gets a lot of cursing for doing so, but the commentary panel says bring it on. As if 100 sins are forgiven for Paes.

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