Judge Adjourns Court Proceedings After ‘Loud’ Pornography Sounds Played During Hearing

A Sheffield judge has banned the use of video links at future hearings after “loud and obvious” pornography sounds were played during a hearing that relied on remote proceedings. According to Yorkshire Live, recorder Jeremy Richardson QC, the most senior judge in Yorkshire, adjourned a plea and trial preparation hearing at Sheffield crown court after pornographic sounds were played during the proceedings.

The judge was hearing a case in which 13 defendants were charged with smuggling drugs and a mobile phone into prison. For the proceedings, some of the defendants in the case, including one prison officer, appeared in court. And, others appeared remotely via the Common Video Platform (CVP). During the hearing, the judge was shocked to hear porn sounds.

A barrister, who chose to remain anonymous, told The Times, “It was porn. Everybody in court heard it.” They added, “It was loud and obvious.” “The judge tried to tell the person making the sounds to mute their microphone,” concluded the barrister.

So, the next step the judge took was ending the proceeding abruptly and ruling that future proceedings would not be held via video conferencing. This is not only applicable to this case but also to other cases not related to the one he was handling. He has now insisted that barristers must attend hearings in person.

The barrister also mentioned that the pool of those responsible for playing the porn sounds was narrowed down after the judge muted the defendants attending the hearing via CVP link from prison. It was later found that the sound was played by one of the advocates. The responsible person then claimed that he has been hacked as it has become easy for hackers to do so.

For those unaware, the CVP’s use was introduced and popularised during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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