Jugaad Innovation: Cycle Aata Chakki Made By UP Gorakhpur Man Ganga Ram Chauhan | Gangaram of Gorakhpur, with cycling, grind 8 kg of grains in one hour

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In a global pandemic where people became victims of depression and were imprisoned in homes. So there are some people who, by inventing something new, have kept the society healthy and also provide resources for everyday use. Ganga Ram Chauhan of Gorakhpur is also among such rare people. Those who have made jugaad flour on a bicycle. In this, any kind of grain can be brewed with wheat and it can also be kept healthy by cycling.

Ganga Ram, a resident of Gorakhpur’s Ramjanaki Nagar, has prepared this jugaad’s doughchakki after two months of tireless labor. It cost 10 thousand rupees to prepare it. This wheel reminded the trend of the old times. When people have been grinding the flour with wheat and others, by running the dough mill by hand. This allows men and women with young children to run where they can grind grain. So you can also stay healthy by cycling there. As the paddle of the cycle goes, so will the flour wheel.

Gangaram says that the grain will be inserted in the upper part. Which will come in a millstone with the help of a pipe and it will be crushed and collected as flour in the bottom box. Nutritious rotis can be made by grinding wheat, rice and other coarse grains. Many people are reaching to see this flour mill made by connecting the bicycle paddles through the jugaad technique and are also placing orders to make this unique machine of Gangaram for themselves.

Any grain including rice, wheat, pulses, barley, gram can be brewed with Gangaram’s mill. With this mill, Gangaram is also running many more things. Gangaram has been running a rickshaw company for years. In the meantime, they have been repairing the rickshaw when it gets damaged. During this time, he thought of innovating. First of all, in the year 2012, after applying bearings in the wheel of the bicycle, he expanded his career and innovated in the bicycle and made a unique bicycle. This also reduced the power required to pull the bicycle. Along with this, the ability to lift the weight of two quintals was also created. For this, for the year 2014-15, he was awarded the State Scientific Honor in Lucknow on October 25, 2018 by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath.

Arun Kumar Singh, who taught drawing to polytechnic children, said that the problem of crushing wheat and other grains arose during the time of global epidemic. He told that he designed the design of this machine. After this it was sculpted by his Sir Ganga Ram Chauhan. He told that through this device, anyone can grind grain at home. This is also a good medium for exercising especially for women and men. It can also be run by children. In this case, its usefulness can also be gauged.

Gopal Vishwakarma, working in the mechanical department of KIPM College, said that he has prepared the measurement and weighing pattern with the size and balancing of this instrument. He told that it can grind wheat, barley, maize and other grains. It is run with a pedal. Its weight is around one quintal. This also leads to exercise. Women, men and children can play. This machine grinds flour at 60 rpm. Its bread is sweet. Dough does not burn. It is not even hot. Its flour is also fibrous. He told that after putting wheels in it, it can be carried anywhere easily.

This device made by Gangaram is useful in global epidemic. So at the same time, 8 kg flour can be brewed in one hour with the flour mill of this eco-friendly jugaad. It does not require electricity. So at the same time, running an eco-friendly flour mill paddle like a bicycle can also be healthy.


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