Juhi Chawla said- Kiara-Sid’s pair is beautiful: Jonki came to perform with DJ Ganesh, Sonakshi Sinha will also come

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The process of guest arrival continues in Kiara-Sid’s wedding. Actress Juhi Chawla has reached Jaisalmer with her husband Jai Mehta at 6.15 pm on Monday evening. Earlier, DJ Junkie had come in the afternoon. Sonakshi Sinha will also come till late night.

Talking to the media, Juhi Chawla congratulated Kiara-Sid for their marriage at Jaisalmer airport. He said that the pair of both is very beautiful. Whereas Jonki said that he will perform with DJ Ganesh. He also congratulated both of them.

Kiara’s father is Juhi Chawla’s friend
Kiara’s family and Juhi Chawla’s family are quite close. Kiara’s father and Juhi are friends. In an interview, Kiara had said that her parents know many actors in the industry. But she met Juhi Chawla only in her childhood. She has also danced with her children in childhood. Kiara Advani had said that Juhi Chawla is a very humble woman. Seeing her, it never seemed that she is a very big film actress. She was just like our parents. Used to meet at birthday parties. She used to do dance choreography with her kids.

Actress Juhi Chawla leaving Jaisalmer airport with her husband Jai Mehta.

Actress Juhi Chawla leaving Jaisalmer airport with her husband Jai Mehta.

Kiara is from film background
Kiara called Juhi Chawla Aunty in a show. He said this while talking about his family background with Ashish Chanchlani and Janice Sequeira. When asked if he just called Juhi Chawla an aunt, Kiray replied – “I don’t think she would kill me after hearing that.” Jafri was Whereas ‘my maternal grandmother was the daughter of Ashok Kumar. When I told my parents that I wanted to make a career in films, they slowly started telling me about Saeed Jaffrey. The sad thing is that I have never met Saeed Jaffrey and Ashok Kumar. I was never told about the film story business.

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The functions of Kiara-Sid’s wedding have begun. Their relatives have reached Hotel Suryagarh in Jaisalmer along with the bride and groom. Rituals are being performed with dance and songs. Siddharth’s grandmother is also very excited about her daughter-in-law’s marriage. He expressed his happiness to Bhaskar at the airport on Saturday.

Star couple’s friends from Bollywood to business family have also come to Suryagadh. Special arrangements have also been made for the hospitality of the guests. An attendant will be there to attend each guest. No stone is left unturned in taking care of the guests. ,Read full news…,

Why Kiara-Sid chose Suryagarh: Shines like gold in the night; Room rent up to 2 lakhs, 5 mansions in this… 92 bedrooms

The sweetness of Kiara-Siddharth’s wedding songs is being heard at Hotel Suryagarh in Jaisalmer. Luxury vehicles are plying from the airport to Suryagarh and as soon as the vehicles stop, flashes of media cameras are visible.

The bride and groom have also reached with their families. From today the guests will start coming. Kiara’s school friend Isha Ambani is also likely to come today.

Discussions of this Royal Wedding are in the whole country. People have craze How will the marriage happen, what will be the special arrangements, what will be Kiara’s bridal look, what will she wear? ,Read full news…,

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