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Juice and color of Tesu sprayed from hydraulic sprayer. Tesu's juice and colors rained from hydraulic sprinkler: Devaki Nandan Maharaj played Holi, devotees got drenched… Natwar Nand Kishore came to play fag. -Mathura News

Mathura10 hours ago

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After the Holi of Lathamar and Rang Gulal, Devaki Nandan Maharaj sprinkled the colors of Tesu with a hydraulic sprinkler specially installed on the temple attic.

In the premises of Priya Kant Ju Temple located in Vrindavan, Mathura, Tesu colors were showered from hydraulic sprinklers and the joy of the devotees dancing on Holi songs doubled. Devotees played Holi with each other with lots of colours. Prasad of laddu-jalebi was distributed among the devotees from the temple. Devaki Nandan Maharaj played Holi of flowers with Radha-Krishna forms. Many artists also participated in the Holi festival.

God To gulal by applying Hui Holi Festival of beginning

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