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Jungkook BREAKS Silence on Viral Girlfriend Rumour, BTS Singer Says ‘Stop Talking About It’ – News18

Written By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: October 02, 2023, 18:53 IST

BTS singer Jungkook shut down dating rumours.

Jungkook clarified his relationship status during a live session. The BTS singer seemed annoyed when he saw several questions about his dating life.

BTS singer Jungkook finally addressed the viral video claiming that he was hugging a woman and has a girlfriend. The Seven hitmaker was interacting with fans on a live he was hosting on Monday evening when he was bombarded with questions about the alleged video and rumours about his relationship status. Annoyed by the sea of questions, Jeon Jungkook put an end to claims and clarified that he is single and asked sasaengs to leave him alone.

As translated by X user @BTStranslation_, Jungkook said, “Do I have a girl friend? Why do you keep asking that? I don’t have a girlfriend so don’t need ask questions like this.” He added that the ARMYs are his girlfriends. “I only have ARMYs.. I’m only looking at ARMYs.. ARMYs be my girlfriend… OKAY??” he added, confessing that he feels refreshing to have gotten this off his chest. “I only look at armys because I’m ARMYbaragi (armyflower like sunflower). Ah do I need to say this english too? ARMYs please spread this in English until far far away,” Jungkookie said.

Jungkook was forced to clarify his stand after a video surfaced online claiming a man similar to Jungkook was in a room with a girl. When a few comments read that Jungkook should take legal action against those who spread the rumour, the With You singer said, “There’s no need to sue them. Just leave it be. Leave it be, leave it be. This just gives them attention. If you don’t give them attention, they won’t do that. Thank you. I love you (ARMYs). Let me embrace you with love.”

Jeon Jungkook, who joined BTS at the age of 14/15, has never publicly dated anyone. While there have been rumours in the past, his agency have shot them down time and again, clarifying that he is single. Majority of the fandom have shown their support to Jungkook, assuring him that if he ever starts dating someone, they would support him unconditionally.

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