‘Just In Case’: Well-wisher Gifts Pen to King Charles III After Ink Leak Fiasco | WATCH

The accession of King Charles III to the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II has been planned to the tee over several decades. However, the planners forgot to bring in a perfectly working pen for the 73-year-old monarch, or how he should react when faced with a leaky one on live television. Now, a well-wisher who took a note of new King’s turbulent relationships with pens, gifted him one during his visit to Cardiff, UK on Friday, saying “Just in case.”

In a now-viral clip of the interaction, King Charles initially seem slightly confused at receiving the unusual gift, but soon he realized the context and burst out laughing. He then graciously accepted the gift from the well-meaning fan, following which the bystanders started clapping and joined in the laughter. Posted by a user named Royal Supporter on Twitter, the video has amassed 4,34,700 views, and 13,900 likes.

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King Charles III and his heir Prince William on Saturday staged an unscheduled London walkabout to the delight of people queueing all night to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, ahead of her grand state funeral.

King Charles And His Turbulent Relationship with pens

The first incident occurred on September 10, when then Prince Charles was officially announced as Queen Elizabeth II’s successor. At the time, Charles, while signing documents, was hindered by a pen holder and several pens. The historic occasion became a viral moment after he signalled for assistance from his associates.

In another occurrence, when signing a document at the royal residence of Hillsborough Castle in Co Down, Northern Ireland, ink appeared to drip from the pen. As a result, King became enraged and can be heard saying some furious comments.

The social media conversation surrounding both occurrences was intense, and Twitter users could not stop cracking jokes.

The King appears to have decided to fix the problem by getting his own pen. King Charles was recently captured on camera signing the guest book at Wales’ Llandaff Cathedral. In contrast to the previous two occasions, the King was observed signing the book with his own pen.

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