Kamakhya temple reduced the crowd of devotees due to the corona in Mahashtami; Long queues not seen outside the temple, shopkeepers also upset due to lack of business | Kamakhya temple was less crowded; Last year, long queues were seen outside the temple on the occasion of Mahashtami, this time the shopkeepers also upset due to lack of business.

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  • Kamakhya Temple Reduced the Crowd of Devotees Due to the Corona in Mahashtami; Long Queues Not Seen Outside The Temple, Shopkeepers Also Upset Due To Lack Of Business

Varanasi14 minutes ago

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Devotees visit the Kamakhya temple during Ashtami in Navratri. Last year there was a huge crowd on the occasion of Mahashtami but this time due to Corona, the crowd did not show.

  • Shopkeepers selling flower garlands, coconuts, chunari were also disturbed around the temple, every time there was a long line.
  • This time outside the sanctum sanctorum was surrounded by Chunri to avoid corona, devotees will revolve from far away.

In Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, this time on the occasion of Navratri, Kamakhya temple is not seeing much devotees. Due to the epidemic, people are also avoiding visiting the temple, but it is affecting the people who shop around the temple. Devotees worship the mother Kamakhya on the day of Mahashtami in Varanasi. Due to Corona on Saturday, there was no crowd in the temple. There was silence on Kamakhya Marg. Outside the temple, only a few crowds were seen at the flower garland shops.

Chhotu, who sells flowers, told that there is no rush at Ashtami this time. Munnu, who grew fruit on the road outside, was also upset. He also says that if there was a crowd of devotees, there was shoplifting. This time it was not known that Navaratri. The flag was opened for darshan in the temple only after Mangala Aarti at dawn.

Devotees from every distance come to visit Kamakhya Temple.

Devotees from every distance come to visit Kamakhya Temple.

Sanitizer has been kept inside the temple to protect against Kovid, and the chief priest Devendra himself was keeping a close watch on social distancing. He told that in 2019, the long line was laid on the day of Ashtami. This time Corona has stopped the feet of the devotees in the houses.

Shopkeeper upset, there was great expectation that there will be crowd on Ashtami
Saurabh, who sells coconut flowers, told that 80 to 100 people have come since morning. Coconut chunri and flower Ashtami are called for more attention. There will be a lot of damage if not sold. Due to Corona, many devotees are not buying the offerings. Santosh Pan shop is some distance away from the temple. He told Ashtami for decades. I am seeing a crowd happening. For the first time such a small crowd is visible.

The shopkeepers outside the temple are also worried about the arrival of devotees.  This has affected their livelihood.

The shopkeepers outside the temple are also worried about the arrival of devotees. This has affected their livelihood.

August Muni told the story to Lord Rama

The chief priest Devendra Puri said that gold crown and mouthpiece have been adorned with garlands of hundred marigold flowers. The temple is described in the Bhavishya Purana. The Sage of Augusta narrated the story to Lord Sri Rama here. Mother’s life was honored by the devotees. There is only two places in India where Viraan Maan is placed on the Mahamudra Yantra. The first is Kamru Kamakhya in Assam and second is here in Kashi, the mother is a sub form of He.

Devotees reached the temple for darshan.

Devotees arrived at the temple to visit.


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