Kamalamma and New Year’s eve

Myself Kamalamma, from Kunjibettu Karnataka.

Today I am looking at the calendar and quickly jumping back shouting Aiyyo! The Mister is asking if pet lizard which is hiding behind calendar is coming out to look at Kamalamma or what? But it is not lizard which is making me to jump like baby kangaroo. It is the date!

What to tell you people… calendar is showing end of this bhayankara year of 2020. Ababba! Finally…..I am thinking this 2020 is never going or what? Like relatives who are coming to stay for 2 days and then turning house upside down and not taking name of leaving at all!

But more than year 2020, I am scared of all the nataka for end of Year ! Now you people tell me… what is happening when one year is finishing and another one is starting? Nothing! It is same house, same cooking, same mister, same everything…! Then why so much noise?

Pralaya is coming or what? It is only end of year, not end of yuga!

Some years back, we are also celebrating New Year’s eve by ourselves in our own house. We are finishing dinner quickly and after I am closing kitchen for the night, we are moving towards living room. Then full 2 hours we are sitting in front of our television set and watching new year programme with same songs, same dances and same jokes in all channels. We are looking at our film stars putting difficult dance steps in high heels and all. Then I am telling the Mister, maybe TV people are not paying our actresses, so pavam girls, what they are to do… they have budget only for half metre cloth, so they are using one-fourth metre for up part and other one-fourth for down part and middle all meat is showing.

All these kind of shows we are watching and before middle of programme is reached, the Mister is slowly becoming horizontal and finally I am hearing thunder like sounds from his side of sofa means he is full out and giving competition to Kumbhakaran. After some time I am also bored because nobody is listening to my pravachana and slowly eyes are closing and I am slowly sliding down from sofa and onto floor.

Like this we both are spending very exciting New Year’s eve. We are not knowing when old year is going and new one is coming if it were not for friendly neighbourhood people. Few seconds before correct midnight there is lot of noise, light and smoke outside our window and the Mister is suddenly getting up and shouting Fire Fire, Call fire engine… Then I am also quickly waking up and adjusting sari and all quickly. Then like one alert housewife I am putting water on his imagination and saying it is not fire but our friends and neighbours showing their happiness that old year is finished, with fireworks, drum beats, loud music and all.

Then we are going up on terrace with binoculars to watch other people’s new year celebrations and we are even forgetting to wish each other happy new year.

Afterwards what we are doing? Simply switching off TV, light and everything, moving to bed, pulling blanket up to nose and going to sleep. In proper posture.

Next day I am thinking if I should call up neighbour and say thank you, because otherwise we would have spent whole night in living room itself – half body on sofa and other half on floor.

I am worried this year also on 31st Dec if same story is repeating and we are getting pain in the neck after sleeping in shirshasana.

Important end-of-year 2020 question is whether to join neighbour and their friends for NY party or whether to exchange sofa and get new sofa cum bed?



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