Kangana comes to Prayagraj, BJP will give full security, BJP retaliates on Congress’s statement not to allow the famous actress to enter the city, Union Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi said – Let’s see who stops? | BJP retaliates on Congress’s statement not to allow the famous actress to enter the city, Union Minister Rita Bahuguna said – Let’s see who stops?

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  • Kangana Comes To Prayagraj, BJP Will Give Full Security, BJP Retaliates On Congress’s Statement Not To Allow The Famous Actress To Enter The City, Union Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi Said Let’s See Who Stops?

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Kangana Ranaut will be seen in the role of Indira Gandhi in this way.

Politics has heated up over the proposed visit of famous film actress Kangana Ranaut to Prayagraj for the film ‘Emergency’. The Congress has opposed his proposed tour regarding this film and has announced that Kangana will not be allowed to enter the city. On this statement, Union Minister Rita Gahuguna Joshi and MP Virod Sonkar have issued a statement saying that Kangana should come to Prayagraj, let’s see who stops her. Kangana is a respected artist, BJP takes full responsibility for her safety.

Why Congress objected to Emergency?

On Wednesday, Cabinet Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi raised the question that if a film is being made on Emergency, then why is the Congress objecting? He said that Indira Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have also apologized for the Emergency. A film has been made all over the world about the government and their work. So why can’t a film on Emergency be made in India? If something has gone wrong in history, it must be exposed to everyone.

Congress is anti-democratic

BJP’s national secretary and MP Vinod Sonkar said in a statement that the attitude of the Congress has been anti-democratic. There is no democracy in Congress. The ghost of Emergency is still sitting in his mind, but he has forgotten that now there is a government of Modi in the country and Yogi in the state. Emergency will no longer work.

Kangana herself will play the lead role of Indira Gandhi

Kangana Ranaut, who lived the historical characters well, is going to make a film based on the Emergency imposed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi 46 years ago. It will be called Emergency. Kangana herself is acting as Indira Gandhi’s character in this film and will direct herself. This is the reason why Kangana Ranaut wants to see Prayagraj associated with this historical character and Anand Bhawan, Indira Gandhi’s ancestral residence located here. Indira Gandhi’s school wants to understand all the memories related to her. After coming to know about this news, Congress came out in protest and BJC in support.

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