Kangana lashes out at Congress MLA: Harish Chandra Meena questions Kangana Ranot’s eligibility, says actress – best to teach a lesson to fools

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  • Congress MLA Harish Chandra Meena Questions On Kangana Ranaut’s Credentials, Actress Answers I Am The Best Person To Lead Among So Many Fools

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Actress Kangana Ranot has been in constant headlines for her statements. Recently, Kangana called Rihanna a ‘fool’ and Taapsee Pannu a ‘burden on the country’. Now he said in a new statement that he is the best person to teach a lesson to so many fools on social media.

Not only this, he called himself an empress and also asked those who hate him to bow their heads in front of him. This statement of Kangana has come on that social media post of Congress MLA Harish Chandra Meena. In which he questioned the educational and political qualifications of Kangana.

Kangana gave a befitting reply to Congress MP
Kangana, replying to the post of former DGP and MP Harish Chandra, wrote, “My ability, ha ha. I truly consider myself an average person. But among many idiots, I am the best person to lead on social media.” Hmmm. So bow your head in front of your queen. “

Harish Chandra raised questions on Kangana’s qualification
Harish Chandra tagged Kangana and questioned his qualifications in the post. She wrote in the post, “I want to know what qualifications Kangana Ranot has that she comments on every issue. Or she is just playing a pawn on social media. I am Kangana’s academic And would definitely like to know political merit. “


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