Kangana Ranaut Controversy: Sanjay Raut says- Matter is over for me, Kangana is welcome to live in Mumbai | Shiv Sena leader said- I did not threaten him, his case is over for me, he is welcome to stay in Mumbai.

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On September 3, Sanjay Raut’s dispute began with Kangana Runot’s statement that he compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

  • Sanjay Raut said in a statement – I am not responsible for the action of BMC
  • In a statement, Raut called Kangana a harem, then told the meaning of the knotty.

If Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut is to be believed, his case with Kangana Ranot is over. He said in a statement, “I never threatened Kangana Ranot. I was just angry at linking Mumbai to PoK. I am not responsible for the action taken by BMC against her. The case is over for me.” Gaya. Kangana is welcome to live in Mumbai. “

The case was covered for 6 days

  • September 3: Kangana compares Mumbai to POK

The controversy between Kangana Ranot and Sanjay Raut was openly revealed on September 3, when the actress alleged in a tweet that the Shiv Sena leader had threatened her not to come to Mumbai. Also wrote that why do they see Mumbai like Pakistan occupied Kashmir?

  • September 4: Kangana’s challenge fueled controversy

Kangana challenged in a tweet that she is coming to Mumbai on 9 September. Stop if someone’s father has power. Sanjay Raut reacted strongly to this and said that Mumbai belongs to the Marathis’ father. Shiv Sena launched protests against Kangana. Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh even said that Kangana had no right to live in Mumbai.

  • September 5: Raut calls Kangana a harem

When a reporter from a news channel asked Sanjay Raut that Kangana was coming to Mumbai on September 9 and he challenged her to stop. What will they do in such a situation? In response, Raut told the reporter, “Are you advocating for a harakhor girl?” Kangana had strongly objected to this statement.

  • September 6: Kangana targeted Raut

Kangana Ranot released a video on September 6, capturing Sanjay Raut for his mentality. He said that the mentality of people like Raut is responsible for the rape and domestic violence of women in the country, which promotes the exploiters.

  • September 7: Raut clarifies statement

In an interview, Sanjay Raut gave an explanation on his statement of haraamkhor and said that his statement was misinterpreted. They were telling Kangana Naughty. The same day the central government gave Kagna a Y category security, Shiv Sena started opposing it.

  • September 8: BMC notice to Kangana

The BMC team raided Kangana Runot’s office at Pali Hill. A notice of illegal construction was posted at the gate and a reply was sought from him in 24 hours. The same day, the Maharashtra government also ordered an inquiry into drugs against Kangana.

  • September 9: Kangana’s office broken

The BMC team fired a bulldozer at Kangana Runot’s office. The inside was also vandalized. Kangana reached Mumbai amid heavy security and released a video targeting Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. He said in a threatening tone, “Today my house is broken, tomorrow your pride will break.”

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