Kangana Ranaut vs Shivsena: BMC begins breaking office of actress | Kangna spent 48 crores at office, saw Sapna 10 years ago, seeing it crumbling – said to promise blood for the pride of Maharashtra

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Kangana Ranot has hit out at her office for the BMC action.

  • Kangana has shared BMC action photos on the office on Twitter.
  • Actress called her office Ram temple, comparing BMC to Babur

BMC’s action against Kangana Runot continues. On Wednesday, BMC started the process of breaking it after placing an illegal construction notice on their office (Manikarnika Films). The construction cost of the office at Pali Hill is said to be around Rs 48 crore. According to Kangana’s sister Rangoli, she dreamed it 10 years ago.

Promise to give blood for Maharashtra’s pride: Kangana

The actress gave information about the demolition of her office on Twitter. He wrote, “As soon as I left for Mumbai Darshan airport, the Government of Maharashtra and their goons started breaking my property illegally. I have promised to give my blood for the pride of Maharashtra. Whatever it is No, take everything. But my courage will always grow. “

Compared BMC to Babur

Kangana in another tweet called her office Ram temple and BMC as Babur. He wrote, “The first film in Manikarnika Films, ‘Ayodhya’ was announced. This is not a building for me, Ram temple itself. Today Babur has come there. Today history will repeat itself again. Ram temple will be broken again, but remember Babar, this temple will be built again, this temple will be built again. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram. “

After this, in another tweet, he described the Mumbai Police soldiers as Babur’s army. He shared the photo of the BMC team and the Mumbai Police, writing, “Babur and his army.” While sharing the inside photo of the broken office in a tweet, he compared Mumbai to Pakistan. He wrote, “Pakistan. .. killing the democracy. “

Production House named after the film

The production house is named after Kangana for her 2019 film Manikarnika, which was her first directorial film. Bungalow number five at Pali Hill has been completely re-constructed to make Kangana’s office. It has been created by celebrity designer Shabnam Gupta. Kangana’s office is inspired by European style.

The building was purchased a few years ago

According to reports, Kangana bought this three-storey building a few years ago. It has a 565 sqft parking area separately. The office is designed by interior designer Shabnam Gupta. According to him, greenery can be seen from every window of the building. Also, it has been modified in such a way so that more and more light and air keeps coming.

The production house has been made completely plastic free. Also, the studio uses customized and handmade furniture. The office has been given an ethnic look through wooden floors and textured walls.

Kangana had dreamed 10 years ago

Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel had revealed the studio’s front look with her Twitter handle in January this year. He wrote in the caption, “This is Kangana’s studio in Mumbai’s prime location, Pali Hill. She had dreamed this 10 years ago and today we too have seen it. If people can get everything with honesty and truth then why are they The little ones do bundlemanship and dishonesty. “

In 2019, Aparajit Ayodhya was announced

Kangana’s banner debut film, Aparajit Ayodhya, was announced in November 2019 as a producer. She will produce the film, which will be a film based on the Ram Janmabhoomi and Babri Masjid controversy. According to reports, ‘Bahubali’ franchise fame KV Vijayendra Prasad will write the script for ‘Aparajit Ayodhya’.


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