Kangana Ranot’s new claim: Campaigns are being run on social media to discredit, will reveal the name of the conspirator at the right time

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7 minutes ago

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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranot’s mercury has once again climbed. In fact, on Thursday morning, Kangana shared a picture of her breakfast, after which she got trolled. Social media users told this picture of them as fake and said that Kangana has lied that she has made breakfast herself and picked up from Google and posted the photo. Kangana got angry at the constant trolls and on social media termed it as part of the campaign being run against her and said that someone is trying to tarnish her image on social media by plotting.

Kangana’s followers decreased

Kangana wrote, ‘In the last one week, I have lost 5 lakh followers from Instagram. This is the mafia racket. They do factionalism for you, boycott you, spoil your image and brand. This is how he killed Sushant. They make such outsiders look downcast. ‘

Kangana said, ‘X is the hand of lover’

Kangana further said, behind this social media campaign, I have a lover with whom I was in relationship for some time. These days he is fooling people with a high profile relationship but he will not marry that girl because he has many secrets buried under him. You guys wait, I will expose his name with solid proof. Kangana is targeting her X lover, this will tell the time to come. She has so far dated Hrithik Roshan, Studh Suman and Aditya Pancholi from Bollywood.

Kangana also said that her team has found out from where the money is coming from the campaign being run to defame them. They have come to know about some companies and fake emails from where all these memes and information are being given. Kangana claims that she knows this person and will reveal her name at the right time.

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