Kangana VS Tharoor: Shashi Tharoor gave the answer on Kangana Ranot’s stance, said, I want every Indian woman to be empowered like you.

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19 minutes ago

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Kangana Ranot on Tuesday expressed displeasure over a statement by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. In which he gave the idea of ​​giving monthly allowance to domestic women. Kangana was taunting Shashi Tharoor and said to stop seeing business in everything. Now, Shashi Tharoor responded to this stance of Kangana Ranot and said that I want every Indian woman to be empowered like you.

Shashi Tharoor replied to Kangana in a social media post, writing, I agree with you that there are many things in the lives of domestic women, which cannot be valued. But this issue is not about those things. Every woman is about getting some salary and recognition of their work. I want every Indian woman to be empowered like you.

Kangana was angry at Tharoor
Earlier, Kangana wrote in a social media post flaming Shashi Tharoor, “Don’t price our sexuality. Don’t give us money to take care of your loved ones. We don’t need salary to be our own little world, our home’s mallika Stop seeing business in everything. Dedicate yourself to your woman, because she needs you. You don’t love / respect / pay. “

Kangana was angry on this post of Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor wrote in his post, “I support the idea of ​​Kamal Haasan in which he advocated making housework a salaried profession. Monthly allowance should be given to domestic women by the state government. Working women will get respect and monetize their services. This will increase their power and autonomy and bring them closer to Universal Basic Income. “

Making mistress an employee worse: Kangana
Kangana in her next post, also replying to a social media user, wrote, “It would be worse to hire a mistress of the house, costing the mothers for their sacrifices and unbreakable commitments of a lifetime. It seems that you are the creator of God. Paying for it. Because suddenly you felt pity for their efforts. It’s a somewhat painful and somewhat funny idea. “

In fact, a social media user named Arjitha Singh wrote while raising the question, “Don’t you think the time has come to give respect to the home makers (domestic women) for their work, which has been outstanding for a long time “Our society has never respected home makers as much as they should have. Working men are given more importance. Household women have to financially depend on their husbands.”

Haasan gave a statement during the election campaign
Makkal Needhi Mayem (MNM) president and actor Kamal Haasan on Monday targeted other political parties AIADMK and DMK during his campaign. He said that the love he and his party are receiving is proof that people now want change. Kamal Haasan had questioned the safety of women in Tamil Nadu and talked about making the work of domestic women a salaried profession. Assembly elections are due in Tamil Nadu in April-May.


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