Kangna’s attack on Diljit: Kangana Ranot said – I gave Diljit an open challenge to tell him only once that he is not Khalistani but he did not

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15 minutes ago

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The social media war between Kangana Ranot and Diljit Dosanjh is continuing over the long-running farmer movement in the country. Both of them keep making some statements on each other for the coming days. Now during a recent interview Kangana said that she had openly challenged Diljit to prove whether he was Khalistani or not. But Diljit did not respond to this.

In an interview to Republic India, Kangana said, “I gave an open challenge to Diljit that he could just say once that he is not Khalistani but he did not do that. The work is being done to mislead the youth, they are being called Is shown a dream about. “

Everything I am saying is for my country
Kangana is also constantly being trolled for her statements on the peasant movement. Kangana said, “Despite being a troll, I have not given up. I have never tried to do anything for myself. Everything I am doing is for my country. Whatever I am saying, That too is for this country. I get a lot of encouragement and respect from this country and that makes me excited. “

Diljit was asked to support Rihanna by Khalistani
Actually, in the past, international pop star Rihanna shared a post and supported the peasant movement. Diljit was highly praised on this and also released the song ‘Riri-Rihanna’ in his honor. After this, Kangana Ranot was infuriated on Diljit. Then both of them shared many posts and heard each other very well. During this, Kangana also called Diljit Khalistani.

Khalistani will not let you do your work
Diljit had told Kangana in a post, “Ja yaar bore na kar, kam kar apna.” Then in response to this Kangana wrote, “I have only one job, patriotism. I do the same all day. I will do the same, but will not let you do my work Khalistani. Kangana wrote in another post,” Your Canada Gang Will not be able to do anything. Khalistan will be the name of the empty space in your mind. We will not allow this country to be fragmented, as many riots and strikes as Karlo wants. “

The country belongs only to Indians and not to Khalistanis
Then Diljit wrote in response to this, “This country is not just yours but everybody’s brother. India is ours too brother. You go friend, do not bore.” On this, Kangana again retorted, “The country is only of Indians, not of Khalistanis. Speak not Khalistani. Say you condemn the Khalistanis who participated in the movement. If you speak then I will I will apologize and consider you a true patriot. Speak quickly, I am waiting. “

You will never say that you are not Khalistani
On Kangana’s talk, Diljit wrote provocatively, “I am with India. Whenever someone does a wrong thing, the government will see it. It is their job. You or I will make some decision.” Kangana then responded by writing, “I know that you will never say that you are not Khalistani. It is for everyone to see, wolves in sheep’s skin.” Even before this, Kangana and Diljit have clashed many times on social media regarding the farmer movement.


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