Kanpur Corona virus cases latest update. Corona Guidelines violation in Kanpur | Corona Standards are getting ashes on funeral pyre in Kanpur

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Kanpur4 minutes ago

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Sankar at the resting ghat of Kanpur

  • Neither masks nor PPE kits near the crematorium

Due to this Corona infection does not spread, the exercise going on across the country seems to be dying in Kanpur. The pyre, which burns between 90 and 100 everyday in the city’s Bhairavghat crematorium, is witness to the fact that all of the Corona standards are dwarfs. A group of 50 youths who have been involved in the burning of coronas patients from ambulance to corpses have been involved in the cremation of bodies every day putting their lives at risk. They have neither a PPE kit nor a surgical mask. There are also gloves in the hands and normal shoes in the feet. When the doctors are advising the common man to install at least two masks, then the young men engaged in service are filling the food supply to avoid infection of corona by applying Khadi masks. Now imagine how this young man is burning his life from morning till 2 in the night, burning his funeral pyre. Its responsible officers are absent from all the cremation grounds of the city.

Earlier 70-80 corpses used to come, now 500 corpses everyday

The Hara mainly consists of Bhairavghat, Bhagavadas Ghat, Siddhnath Ghat, Swargashram and Bithoor Ghat. All these places have cremation grounds. Waiting for the cremation of dead bodies has been going on in all these ghats since the outbreak of the corona infection for the last one month. The number of dead bodies arriving in a day in all the ghats of the city has touched the figure of 500. The figure of burial in the cemetery is not included in this figure. Before the Corona transition, the number was barely 75 to 80, including all the crematoriums.

What is the standard at the funeral of the corona dead body

On the death of any corona patient, the rites of his funeral are very strict. Under this, the dead body of the deceased is completely kept in a special kind of non-wovene cover 9 GSM PPE kit. In his funeral, people are also instructed to join the PPE kit itself. Therefore many rites of funerals have also been rejected outright. The reason is clear that corona infection does not spread. But in the cremation ground of Kanpur Bhairavghat, all the standard wires of the corona are visible. There is neither a PPE kit nor a surgical mask.

Young people are having last relationship with stranger bodies

Just imagine when someone dies of corona, their relatives and family members are avoiding coming, so these young people are proud to have a final relationship with dead bodies. While this youth in the city has become a favorite of everyone with this unique initiative at the moment, due to the negligence of the district administration, they are taking the risk of infection every moment. The people who are cremating the corona patients at the crematorium have been commissioned by the Kanpur Health Department by distributing Khadi kits and masks. Corona infection continues to spread, yet from the responsible district administration of Kanpur to the health department, it is irresponsible action. The PPE kit we get everyday is not given till date.

– NGO giving food

The responsible of the district were also seen here. Irresponsible act of both the administration of Kanpur or the health department in the name of responsibility has served to frustrate them at every step. A social organization of the city is also doing the work of giving food to these youth engaged in missionary style from morning till late at 2 o’clock in the night. An organization called Madadgar is working to feed all the youth twice a day.

– Insurance was not provided to the youths who are betting on life.

Life insurance and health insurance have not been provided to these youths who are spending 18 to 20 hours between the corpses of corona patients every day. Now you guess the district administration is responsible for the negligence of the level. These youth are accepting social service and are engaged with their body and mind. The responsible district administration is equally shameless. If any negligence on corona standards was found in any office or factory, then all the sections of the epidemic act would have been imposed by now. But no small stream of negligence has yet been decided on these responsibilities of Kanpur.

The Social Welfare Service Committee has formed a relationship with unclaimed dead bodies for 24 years. Dhani Rao Buddhist of the organization has been maintaining a unique relationship with unclaimed dead bodies in Kanpur since 2008. The journey started 24 years ago has become a caravan today. Today a team of about 150 youth is working in his institute. Many cities, from the Seth to the general public, continue to cooperate in making this mission of Dhanirao successful from time to time.

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