Kanpur Dehat Cylinder Blast Latest News Updates: Fire Due To Cylinder Blast In Kanpur Dehat Uttar Pradesh | Explosion in the cylinder as the gas stove burns, 9 people including the couple injured

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  • No loss of life, but household items burnt to ashes

Cylinder burst into flames in a farmer’s house under police station Derapur in Kanpur countryside in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday and the kitchen built in the house collapsed, causing 9 people in the house to catch fire. Hearing the sound, panic spread in the surrounding houses and the villagers quickly informed the police, police rushed to the hospital with immediate effect and the fire was extinguished with the help of fire brigade. .

What is the matter –

Jagdev, a resident of Sargaon Khurd village under Derapur police station in Kanpur countryside, is a farmer and lives in Sargaon Khurd village with his family. On Sunday, Suraj Kumari, wife of farmer Jagdev, was cooking on a gas stove. Meanwhile, the cylinder started leaking and caught fire. Suraj Kumari started making noise after seeing the fire in the cylinder and kept it in the house with the remaining flames. A fire broke out in the baggage. People heard the shouting and people came around and tried to extinguish the fire by pouring water but at the same time the cylinder exploded with a sharp blast and the kitchen built in the house completely collapsed and the fire caught pace. In the grip of fire, Jagdev, Suraj Kumari, Himanshu, Kallu, Armaan, Vivek, Vishram, Ranno and Deepak got scorched. As soon as the incident was known, the police along with the fire brigade reached the spot and in a hurry, all the injured were admitted by the police to the CHC where all are out of danger. Overcome the fire.

What did the police station in charge say?

Station in-charge Sameer Kumar Singh said that there was no explosion of any kind due to the explosion in the cylinder due to the fire in the cylinder, but the household stuff was burnt and there was a lot of damage.


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