Kanpur Ghatampur (Uttar Pradesh) By-Election Voting November 3rd Amid Tight Security Arrangements | More than three lakh voters will decide the fate of six candidates, special attention will be kept at 84 very sensitive centers, polling parties leave

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This photo is from Mandi in Naubasta. Polling parties leave from here on Monday.

  • 8000 soldiers put in duty for the by-elections in Ghatampur
  • Area divided into 48 sectors and 8 zones, corona kit will be at each center

The by-election will be held on Tuesday in Kanpur’s Ghatampur assembly seat. The district administration has completed preparations for this election being held in the Corona crisis period. Tight security arrangements have been made at polling stations. The voting process will be held from 7 am to 6 pm. There are 3,19,148 voters who will cast their votes at 481 polling booths. On Monday, 529 polling parties left from Naubasta Galla Mandi. 48 polling parties have been kept in reserve. There are 84 susceptible booths here. Which will be subjected to special monitoring.

Ghatampur under security cover of 8000 soldiers

For the by-elections in Ghatampur, 8000 personnel have been put on duty. Which includes police, PAC, paramilitary force and QRT personnel. Simultaneously, surveillance has also been arranged around the polling booth by drone cameras, which will monitor the rumor and direct information will be passed through it to the control room.

Security of polling booth will be in the hands of special commandos

Special commandos have been deployed in all the polling booths built to prevent any kind of disturbances in the polling booths. All these Special Commandos are deployed with LMV and Telescope. The main task of all these special commandos will be to monitor every movement from a distance.

Area divided into 48 sectors and eight zones

The Ghatampur assembly is divided into 48 sectors and 8 zones. Sector and zone magistrates will ensure timely polling and will have to inform the commission. With this, EVMs are known to be defective and it will also be the responsibility to get them fixed. For this, each sector and zone magistrate will be accompanied by a master trainer who can remove the EVM malfunction with immediate effect.

Restrictions will remain on these

No voter will be able to carry weapons, water bottles, mobile phones and any inflammable material inside the polling station during the voting. But if there is an eye-disabled voter then he will go inside the booth with a colleague with him. Control room has been made by the district administration in Tehsil Ghatampur. Whose phone number is: -05115-271000. Apart from this, a control room has already been established at district level. Whose phone number is 0512-2303164.

The rules of the Kovid-19 protocol have to be followed.

Following the rules of the Kovid-19 protocol, voters will get entry into the electorate. For which the voter will have to go to the polling place by putting on masks, skirts, handkerchiefs, scarf etc. only then they will get a chance to exercise their franchise. The District Magistrate has declared a public holiday for voting and has instructed that if any person of Ghatampur Assembly constituency asks for a holiday for voting, he will have to give paid leave to the factory or factory owner and the same is eight kilometers from the election place of Ghatampur All liquor shops in the periphery will remain closed.

These are candidates whose fate will be imprisoned in EVMs

Congress Dr. Krupshankar
SP Indrajit kori
B J P Upendra Nath Paswan
BSP Kuldeep Shankwar
All mass party Ashok Paswan
Earning rights group Vipin Kumar


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