Kanpur Little Spider-Man Video; Seven-year-old Boy In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Is Climbing Walls Like Spider-man | In a blink of an eye, a 10-fit tall wall climbs seven years of reality, video is making a splash on social media

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A resident of Kanpur, Reality climbs the walls like Spider-Man.

  • At a young age, reality did a great job
  • IPS officer wants to grow up to be a reality

The seven-year-old who lives in Dadanagar Colony in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is in the news these days due to his exploits. He climbs the wall 7 to 8 feet in a blink of an eye. As a lizard, he lays his feet up the walls. For this unique art, people in and around school call him ‘Little Spider-Man’. Within a month, more than 5 lakh people have watched Reality’s video on his brother’s Facebook account.

Reality sitting on the wall.

Learned to climb walls by watching spider man movie

Dada resides in Nagar Colony with Shailendra Singh, wife Garima and two sons. The eldest son’s name is Karthikeya and the younger’s name is React. Younger son, Reality, is only 8 years old and studies in class 3. Reality considers Spider-Man his real hero. He attempted to climb the walls watching a Spider-Man movie. Sometimes he would fall, sometimes he would get hurt. But he did not give up. One day he was able to climb the wall. Now he has started climbing and landing on the 10 feet wall with speed.

One day, while climbing on the wall, his elder brother Karthikeya saw it and informed the mother Garima present in the house. Mother Garima started worrying that reality might not get hurt. Therefore, he complained about this act to his father Shailendra. Father Shailendra also understood the reality – refused to climb the wall after being extinguished. But still Realty did not stop climbing the wall like Spider-Man. One day, with the help of his brother, Realty created Facebook ID and uploaded a video of him climbing on the wall. Which is seen by 5,40,000 people in a month. One lakh one thousand likes and one lakh comments. The housemates were shocked to see this and his video gradually became famous in the entire city of Kanpur and teachers and children in that school started calling him as the little Spider-Man of Kanpur.

IPS wants to become a little Spider-Man

Little Spider-Man is very happy with this art form. He says I like it when people in school call me as Spider-Man. But I want to grow up to be an IPS officer. He too has to serve people and country like Spider-Man.

React (in blue t-shirt) with her family.

React with her family (in blue t-shirt).

Now we feel happy, realize his dreams, will help all possible

Mother Garima Singh said that when I came to know that Hai climbed on the wall, I was afraid, I even refused to scold her. I also complained about this to Darshan’s father. He also explained it to him. But it did not stop climbing the wall. But today in school, people of the neighborhood call it after the name of Little Spider-Man, I am also very happy. He said that whatever he wants to study or he wants to become an IPS, we will give him everything. So that he can fulfill his dream.


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