Kanpur Ophthalmic Society advised caution if it is genetic. Kanpur Ophthalmic Society advised caution if it is genetic.kanpur

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Seminar on glaucoma and retinal diseases in GSVM

A seminar was organized by Kanpur Ophthalmic Society. In this information was given regarding glaucoma and retinal diseases. Ophthalmologist at GSVM College Prof. Shalini Mohan told that after 40 years glaucoma should be checked regularly. Those who have the problem of glaucoma in their family, they should definitely get tested for it. It can also be genetic. On the other hand, the technical information of ventilator was given to the doctors at the Institute of Cardiology on Sunday. They were told about the mode and setting.

Experts gave information about the investigations

Glaucoma specialist from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi Prof. Kirti Singh informed about glaucoma operation. Lucknow retina surgeon Dr. Shobhit Chawla told about the latest tests of retina and new research about the benefits of it. Dr. Sukant Pandey, a retina surgeon of Kanpur, explained in detail about the angiography of the eye. Program chairman Dr. MC Saxena, Dr. Sharad Bajpai and Dr. Atul Dhawan was live. Operation Dr. By Manish Saxena. During this, the secretary of Kanpur Eye Society, Dr. Ruchika Agarwal, Dr. Lokesh Arora, Dr. Sangeeta Shukla, Dr. Mohit Khatri, Dr. Parul Singh and others were also there.

Technical information of ventilator given to doctors

A workshop was conducted at the Institute of Cardiology. In which the doctors of private institutions were informed about the new technology of ventilator. Dr. Vinay Krishna, Director of the Institute, Dr. AK Singh, Chest Specialist of Regency Hospital and Dr. DK Sinha were present. Dr. Anand Kumar, Head of Department of Murari Lal Chest Hospital, Prof. Anesthesia Department of GSVM Medical College. Anil Verma trained doctors. Pro. Anil Verma said that in view of the increasing number of serious patients, the government will also have to increase ICU and medical colleges in every district. The use of ventilators is going to increase to save the life of the patients.

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