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Karan Johar REVEALS Zoya Akhtar Took 7 Years To Make Her First Film: ‘So Much For Nepotism…’ – News18

Karan Johar writes a note for Zoya Akhtar after the release of The Archies trailer.

Karan Johar wrote a note for friend and fellow film-maker Zoya Akhtar after the release of The Archies trailer.

Netflix India today launched the much-anticipated trailer of ‘The Archies’, a Zoya Akhtar spectacle produced by Tiger Baby, Graphic India, and Archie Comics, that transports the audience to the whimsical world of 1960s Riverdale, India. Giving a shoutout to the same, Karan Johar wrote a heartfelt note for Zoya Akhtar where he expressed his appreciation for the film-maker.

Sharing the trailer on his Instagram handle on Thursday,

Karan Johar penned the caption, “Zoya and I grew up together…she was the wiser one, the smarter one and still is! She waited 7 years to start her first film (so much for nepotism and privilege), she had more actors turn her down than most tables at high end restaurants. She still, with passion and perseverance, got to make Luck By Chance…which was the most critically acclaimed film of that year but didn’t have that luck at the box office. She then directed my favourite ZO Akhtar film ZNMD, keeping her conviction intact (was told to edit it tighter, remove driving shots in a “road trip “ film, add an item song). She listened to her inner voice and not anyone else and made a super hit award winning film!”

He continued, “Everyone has a journey! She has had her one! After the monumental success of Gully Boy the world was at her feet but her weapon of belief took her back to her childhood memories of her favourite comic book! She could have made a film with an ensemble of superstars but she made what she believed in! Zo! The trailer is reflective of everything you stand for, which is YOUR paramount conviction! The 7 kids are blessed to work under your priceless guidance! So excited for you Zoya and the exciting ensemble of talent ! Welcome to the movies!!!!.”

The Archies trailer unfolds a musical narrative led by seven charming characters from the beloved Archie comics, steering through the retro alleys of love, friendship, and youthful aspirations.

Earlier glimpses into the world of ‘The Archies’ were provided through a teaser, engaging character posters, and the catchy tunes of “Sunoh” and “Va Va Voom.” Each element presented a doorway into the quaint yet vibrant world of Riverdale.

With the release of the trailer, the door swings open wider, unveiling a deeper glimpse into a narrative filled with music, camaraderie, and a quest to make their voices heard. The trailer signs off with a profound message – ‘You are never too young to change the world’, leaving audiences curious and yearning for the full narrative to unfold.

Speaking about The Archies trailer, Director Zoya Akhtar shared, “Having spent a lot ofmy childhood living in an Archie Comic, I’m thrilled to introduce Riverdale to this generation. The characters are iconic, their teenage life innocent, the world simpler, a time when less was more. Archie Comics, Netflix, Tiger Baby and Graphic India were in complete sync and wanted the adaptation to be as wholesome as the original comic was. It’s clean young adult content and was very fresh for Reema and me to work on. It’s also very exciting that a global IP chose the India film industry to make its first feature. Excited to get it out there.”

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