Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Saif Ali Khan Asks Her Why Is She Posing For The Paparazzi

Kareena Kapoor reveals Saif Ali Khan gets confused when she poses for the paparazzi.

Kareena Kapoor Khan expressed that she doesn’t want to draw a line between herself and the paparazzi and that really confuses Saif Ali Khan who wants to avoid them.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan got into a sticky situation with the paparazzi some weeks back when they were returning from Malaika Arora’s mother’s birthday bash and were greeted by the photographers outside their building compound. Irked by then, Saif Ali Khan had sarcastically asked them to barge into their bedroom as well. Now Kareena Kapoor has shared in a recent interview whether she and her husband have evaluated their relationship with the paparazzi.

While speaking with the entertainment portal Zoom, Kareena Kapoor explained that she is okay with being clicked and that she is not trying to draw a boundary from them. She stated, “I am not drawing any lines. In fact, I’ve been like, whatever… If they’re clicking, let them click. Even I’m like, ‘What do I do?’ The more I try and, you know… Both Saif and me have been very honest. But, of course, sometimes one does feel like coming into the building, or doing certain things, or clicking the kids when they’re going extra-curricular activities, as Saif said, that is the only thing we’ve requested them not to do.”

Kareena Kapoor further revealed that Saif Ali Khan is befuddled by her willingness to entertain the paparazzi. She shared, “Saif’s like, ‘You’re always posing.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah! I am, get with the plan, Saif’. Saif’s walking and trying to be calm, and he’s like, ‘Why are you posing?’ And I’m like, ‘Chill, that’s me’.”

At the time of that incident, several reports were floating around that the security guard of their building had to bear the brunt of it all. However, Saif had dismissed such speculations and clarified in a press statement that read, “The fact is that they did barge inside private property through the gate, past the security guard and completely invaded our space and put 20 cameras and lights on us as if it’s their right to do that, and this is wrong behavior and everyone needs to be in limits.”

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