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Karthik kept training despite shoulder injury: Chandu Champion director Kabir Khan said- I will definitely work with Karthik in future too

Karthik kept training despite shoulder injury: Chandu Champion director Kabir Khan said- I will definitely work with Karthik in future too

1 hour agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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Karthik Aryan starrer film Chandu Champion has earned well at the box office. In the film, Karthik has played the role of India’s first Paralympic swimmer Muralikant Petkar. At the same time, this film has been directed by Kabir Khan.

After the success of the film, Karthik and Kabir Khan have talked to Dainik Bhaskar.

Read the highlights of the conversation…

Question- Karthik, when you met Muralikant Petkar, what feedback did he give you?
When we met Murlikant ji at the first screening of the film, he did not talk much. He became very emotional after watching his own story. He started crying after seeing all his achievements and struggles on screen. We all also became emotional along with him. Murlikant ji had given recognition to India at the global level, but most of the people here did not know about him and his achievements.

Then when we met again at the next screening, he expressed great happiness. He praised me and said- you swim exactly like me.

Just hearing him say this was the biggest victory for me. I did not know swimming at all earlier. But I worked very hard to get into his character.

Question: Karthik, how did you prepare yourself to portray the real emotions of Muralikant Petkar on screen in the film?
It was difficult for me to recreate Murlikant ji’s emotions on screen. I used to think during the script session about what to do where and how. I wanted to behave like Murlikant ji in every shot.

Kabir sir supported me a lot during this process. He used to give me a free hand while giving me shots and would say- do whatever you want to do.

Wherever he found any shortcomings, he would explain and correct them. With his help, I was able to act with perfect emotions.

Further, director Kabir supported Karthik and said- Karthik has done an amazing body transformation for this film. Karthik has worked hard on things like swimming, boxing for one and a half years. When you do physical workouts for such a long time for a character, you automatically adopt the emotions of that character as well.

Question- Kabir, how difficult is it to cover the entire life journey of a person in a 3-hour biopic?
It is very difficult to cover a person’s entire life in a 3-hour film. For example, there are countless stories in Murlikant ji’s life, which are difficult to show in a film. During the research, we found many inspiring stories about him.

We had a challenge to decide which part of his life should be shown in the film. Then we decided that the journey of Murali Kant ji from his childhood to becoming India’s first Paralympic swimmer will be shown in the film.

Question- Karthik, you had injured your shoulder while taking physical training. How did you work on yourself at that time?
Shoulders play a major role in swimming and boxing. But there was a time when I had injured both my shoulders during the shooting of Chandu Champion. Still, I continued training in that condition.

I was lucky that during this time I got good trainers, who helped me in every physical workout including boxing and swimming.

During this time, I used to focus on myself. I used to pay attention to my diet, how many calories to take in a day and how much workout to do. I used to sleep for 8 hours every day. During this time, I started living like a sports person.

Question- Kabir, are you going to work with Kartik again?
Yes, we will definitely do it. Who knows, our next project might be together. Whenever we get a good story, we will join together. But it is not like I will offer Kartik a role in which he does not fit. Rest it is confirmed that we will work together in the future as well.

On this question, Karthik also said- Whatever role Kabir sir offers me in the future, I will definitely work in it.

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