Karthik traveled in economy class: Fans were surprised to see Karthik, there was applause in the flight

16 minutes ago

Actor Karthik Aryan is spotted with his fans every day. Recently, a new video of the actor is in the headlines, in which the actor surprised the fans by coming in economy class. Actually, the actor had recently reached Jodhpur to attend the National Youth Conclave. During his return, the actor was traveling in economy class, where the fans got very excited to see him. In this video shared on social media, fans get very excited after seeing Karthik, not only this, people are seen praising his acting. In the video, Kartik is seen thanking everyone for their praise. Not only this, seeing Karthik, the fans sitting on the flight applaud for him. This video of Karthik is being liked a lot by his fans and social media users. watch video-

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