Kashmir’s low-lying areas to benefit from new drainage system | News – Times of India Videos

Sep 29, 2020, 04:38PM ISTSource: ANI

Jammu and Kashmir government has started water drainage project in Srinagar. The project is funded by the World Bank. This project will benefit people living in low-lying areas in Srinagar city as it was their long pending demand. J&K government has assigned this project to the J&K ERA (Economic Reconstruction Agency). The project is based on the threadbare discussion and scientific inputs provided by all the concerned stakeholders for the construction of a comprehensive storm water drainage project for these unaltered areas vulnerable to floods. The projects are being constructed with an objective of strengthening urban flood management infrastructure in various flood prone areas of the city. The people of these areas were facing problems as there was no drainage system and in rains water lobbed into the roads and in some house lanes that creates problems for the people in these areas. People from these areas have appreciated the step urged the government to complete this work as soon as possible.


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