Kerala Gold Smuggling Case Prime Accused Swapna Suresh Writes to PM Modi, Seeks CBI Probe

Kerala gold smuggling case prime accused Swapna Suresh has written to Prime minister Narendra Modi, requesting the his intervention in the case and that a CBI enquiry be conducted .

In her letter, she alleged that the government of Kerala has been involved in such a swindle and used her as a scape goat for their benefit.

In the letter to PM Modi, Swapna alleged that other principal secretary of the Kerala CM, M Sivasankar, the chief minister’s family members were directly involved in the scam.

Swapna also sought an opportunity to meet the prime minister to share her concerns and grievances.

Swapna said that in her letter she has spoken about the involvement of the CM, his wife and daughter.

In the letter to PM, Swapna Suresh said, “The person who actually committed this heinous smuggling is in fact an IAS Officer, Sivasanjar. Due to the higher rank of the officials, few employees like me had to withstand the worst of this scam. I was simply obeying the orders of my line managers and doing this through the UAE consulate diplomatic channel and had no say in the matters”.

In her letter she also alleges that with the influence of the government, the case investigation has been handed over to the Customs and the NIA, who are trying to manipulate and divert the direction.

“With the influence of the Principal Secretary, the judicial commission has been placed against the ED & Custom. Fortunately, ED is doing its duty perfectly now. In my knowledge, NIA has no role in these kinds of swindles. Just after I submitted ‘164’ [statement under Section 164 of CrPC] in front of the magistrate, they are brutally harassing me and my relatives emotionally and irrationally harassing my advocate and the currently working organization unwantedly by the Govt. Of Kerala [sic]” Swapna alleged.

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