Kerala govt. to amend building rules

The State government has decided to amend the Kerala Municipality Building Rules 2019 and the Kerala Panchayat Building Rules 2019 following complaints from organisations in the construction sector regarding some clauses. The Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday approved the draft suggestions.

It has been decided to change the requirement of approach road width from 10 metres to 8 metres for buildings of hospitals, educational institutions, offices and auditoriums above 18,000 square metre.

Another change was regarding the calculation of the floor area ratio (FAR), for which the old formula will be used henceforth. As per the old method, the FAR was calculated based on the floor area, but as per the rules notified in 2019, this was based on built-up area.

The organisations in the construction sector had complained that this has led to reduction in floor area, based on which it was decided to revert to the old formula.

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