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Kerala: Private Bus Owners on Strike Today As Government Defies Demands – News18

Last Updated: October 31, 2023, 09:54 IST

Kerala’s Private Bus Owners Rev Up Strike Engines as Govt Defies Demands. (PTI)

Kerala Private Bus Strike Latest News: Bus owners strike today, demanding fair student ticket prices and opposing surveillance mandates. Govt stands firm.

Keralaโ€™s private bus owners are gearing up for a significant strike today. Their collective decision to take this action comes as a last resort, as the government has thus far remained unmoved by their earnest appeals.

Their requests are relatable and essential, including the much-needed adjustment of student ticket prices and the removal of orders mandating the installation of surveillance cameras and seat belts. Local reports have conveyed the genuine concern and determination of these bus owners.

The Kerala Transport Department has laid down stringent requirements, declaring that fitness certificates for heavy vehicles will only be issued if seat belts and surveillance cameras are in place. This directive, set to be enforced on November 1, applies to all heavy vehicles, making it an issue that directly affects the everyday lives of the public, including commuters on KSRTC buses and stage carriers.

During a meeting held on Sunday, the Kannur Bus Operators Association Coordination Committee came to a compassionate decision. In a show of empathy and unity, they declared their participation in the upcoming strike, further highlighting the very real challenges faced by these bus owners.

With each passing day, the tension grows, and the determination of private bus owners becomes increasingly apparent. As they continue to fight for their just cause, itโ€™s a reminder of the resilience and spirit of individuals standing up for their rights, while the government maintains its stance, adding layers of complexity to this unfolding saga.

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