Khalistani supporter’s India tour cancelled: Kangana Ranaut welcomed the decision of the organisers.

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Canadian-Punjabi singer and rapper Shubh’s Indian tour has been cancelled. Due to the India-Canada dispute, Shubh had shared a controversial map of India on his social media. In this map, he did not show the important parts of India, Punjab and Jammu Kashmir.

Recently he was to come to India to perform from 23rd September to 25th September. He had to do shows in 10 other cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata. Seeing the anger of the people, Book My Show has announced the cancellation of their shows.

Who is singer-rapper Shubh?

Shubh is a Canada based Indian singer and rapper. These are mostly popular for Punjabi songs. His original name is Shubneet Singh. He became famous in the year 2021 with his song ‘We Rolling’. This song got million views in YouTube.

After this, Shubh released songs like ‘No Love’, ‘Bailor’, and ‘Har’. His song ‘Baller’ also charted on the Canadian Hot 100. In the year 2023, he released his first album ‘Still Rollin’.

This album was greatly liked. This song was given the 16th position on the Billboard Canadian chart. Recently Shubh had announced his world tour and was going to perform in India on 23 September.

Kangana called Shubh a Khalistani supporter on social media

Kangana Ranaut is very active in social media. As soon as Book My Show canceled Shubh’s ‘Still Rollin Tour’, Kangana shared a story on her Instagram. In the story, he showed the same controversial picture in which Punjab and Jammu Kashmir were not included in the map of India.

He wrote the caption, ‘Khalistan supporter Shubh’s India tour has been cancelled. He was the one who shared the headless map of India.

Insulting India proved costly

Shubh was strongly opposed for posting the wrong map of India. Many users even wrote messages of boycott. The posters of their shows were also removed. The boat company also broke its sponsorship contract with Shubh. To ensure that people do not have to suffer loss, Book My Show has announced a full refund. People will get the full amount of their ticket in seven to ten days.

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