Kin of accident victims doubt driver’s identity

Three days after an elderly couple were run over by a woman in Dwarka, the victims’ family has raised suspicion over identity of the driver, the police said on Wednesday.

On Sunday evening, Shanti Swaroop Arora (79) and his wife Anjana Arora (62) were taking an evening walk when they were run over by a woman. The police had identified her as Deepakshi Choudhary (30). She was arrested on charges of rash driving and causing death by negligence.

However, the police on Wednesday said that the victims’ family has raised suspicion over who was actually driving the car.

Ms. Choudhary accompanied the injured to Manipal Hospital. She confessed that she was driving the vehicle and committed the accident. She also produced her documents to the investigating officer. “However, the family of the victims raised doubts and said the woman’s sister was actually driving the vehicle. Hence, the facts are being verified,” a senior officer said.

“Ms. Choudhary works in an MNC. She said she was lost in thoughts when the accident happened. Whether she was on the phone is still being investigated,” a police officer had said.


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