‘King’ Kohli’s IPL Poster in RCB vs RR Shows How He ‘Rules’ Hearts of Fans Worldwide

‘King’ Kohli’s IPL Poster in RCB vs RR Shows How He ‘Rules’ Hearts of Fans Worldwide (Photo Credits: Twitter/@CricCrazyJohns)

Virat Kohli fans pay homage to his ‘Kingly’ stature with a special IPL poster in RCB vs RR match that took place at Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Stadium.

Virat Kohli has garnered an indomitable fan following that requires no introduction. His ability to captivate hearts and minds has reached unprecedented levels. Time and time again, Kohli has demonstrated his extraordinary skills on the field, leaving no doubt as to why fans continue to support and adore him with unwavering devotion. While his fierce determination and explosive batting performances have become the talk of the ongoing IPL 2023, it was the passionate fans in Jaipur who orchestrated a truly special tribute for their beloved RCB star during the recent RR match held at the iconic Sawai Mansingh Stadium. Among their displays of adulation, a remarkable IPL poster emerged, depicting Kohli as the undisputed ‘King’ of the game.

A recently-circulated image of Kohli has gone viral, featuring the cricket superstar’s likeness embedded in a poster resembling the ‘king’ card in a deck of playing cards. In a display of their adoration and esteem for Kohli, the passionate fans in Jaipur opted to replace the usual king on the card with Kohli’s image, underscoring his esteemed position as a ‘King’ among his loyal supporters. The image is a testament to Kohli’s unparalleled stature and influence in the world of cricket, as well as the deep reverence and devotion he inspires in fans across the globe.

Here’s How RCB Fans Paid Homage to ‘King’ Kohli:

Earlier in the league, an awkward situation unfolded when a young child was spotted holding a sign in the stands, requesting Kohli’s permission to take his daughter, Vamika, on a date. The act drew widespread criticism from social media users, who strongly condemned the child’s parents for encouraging what they perceive as cringe-worthy behaviour. The sign held by the child read, “Hi Virat uncle, Can I take Vamika on a Date?!”

Meanwhile, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) delivered a spectacular performance, overpowering the Rajasthan Royals (RR) and emerging victorious with a massive 112-run margin in their recent encounter. This clinical triumph served as a significant boost to RCB’s aspirations of securing a spot in the playoffs. With 12 points from 12 games, RCB currently occupies the fifth position in the points table.

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