Kirori Lal said – Scam happened in RAS recruitment: Top 200 candidates from 7 centers, passed the interview by paying 30 lakhs

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Controversy regarding competitive examinations in Rajasthan is not taking its name to reduce. After REET, Patwari, now there are allegations of rigging in the RAS recruitment exam too. Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirori Lal Meena has installed it. It is alleged that Congress leaders have got 40% of the candidates passed in the RAS interview by taking money. In such a situation, along with the removal of fake candidates, the RAS recruitment case should be investigated by the CBI.

MP Kirodilal Meena said on Tuesday – Top 200 candidates have been selected from 7 centers in Jaipur in the RAS recruitment examination. Whereas 70 people got selected in RAS from Kalam Institute alone. At the same time, 70 thousand copies of the year 2018 were examined in just 17 days. In such a situation, there has been a lot of confusion in the RAS exam. I will complain against this in SOG, so that the culprits involved in this whole mess can be caught.

Passed in 30 lakhs
Kirodi Lal told that a candidate gave 30 lakhs before the interview. Told me that 82 marks will come in the interview. I complained about this to the chairman of RPSC. He said that is not possible. When the numbers came, it was only 82. In such a situation, there should be a CBI inquiry into this corrupt system.

Showing the copy taken under RTI, he said that in the recruitment examination, a candidate was given zero number in one of the answers of Prithvi. Whereas the other person was given two numbers in response to the same question. In such a situation, many candidates get zero marks even after answering the questions correctly. Because the whole system is involved in this scam. Meena alleged that big Congress leaders are also involved.

Congress leaders involved in this scam
The MP alleged that Professor Shivdayal Singh Shekhawat, who lives near the village of Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasara, was employed in the work of RPSC. He gave the responsibility of checking the copy of RAS 2018 to Shekhawat. Who gave 80 marks in the interview to Gaurav Poonia, a relative of Dotasara. Not only Dotasra but the favorite of many leaders like Dharmendra Rathod is involved in this matter. So now both REET and RAS recruitment exams should be CBI probed.

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