Kodandaram campaigns in coal belt area

Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) president M Kodandaram made an extensive tour of the coal belt region of Kothagudem on Wednesday to garner support from various organisations representing students, youth, women and coal workers as part of concerted efforts to win the forthcoming MLC election from the Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Graduatesโ€™ constituency in the Legislative Council.

He received overwhelming support from the CPI (ML-New Democracy) and its frontal organisations including the PDSU besides various tribal youth organisations during his visit to the coal town of Kothagudem.

The senior CPI (ML-ND) leader and a five-time MLA from Yellandu Gummadi Narsaiah and a host of other party cadres participated in a meeting held in the coal town to muster support for the candidature of Mr Kodandaram from the Graduates constituency spread across the vast coal belt region and the Agency mandals of the district.

Addressing the participants, Mr Narsaiah exhorted the graduates to support Mr Kodandaram, the Telangana protagonist, who led the separate Telangana movement as the chairman of the TJAC in the past, to ensure that people’s voice was heard in the Legislative Council and issues facing poor and downtrodden sections were highlighted. Mr Kodandaram said the upcoming MLC election is an opportunity to highlight the aspirations of people of Telangana for restoration of democratic values and fulfillment of the objectives of the Telanagana statehood movement.

Earlier, Mr Kodandaram visited Garimellapadu village in Chunchupalli mandal. Some Adivasis of the village narrated their tale of woe to Mr Kodandaram saying they were rendered shelterless following removal of their huts during an eviction drive by the Revenue staff at Prashantinagar last month.


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