Kohli was deeply troubled by Kumble’s strictness on the team: Vinod Rai, who was the administrator of BCCI, claims in the book – Virat used to think that young players are afraid of Anil Kumble

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Mumbaia few moments ago

In 2017, Anil Kumble stepped down as the head coach of Team India. It is believed that the relationship between then captain Virat Kohli and Kumble was not good. Now a new revelation has come in this matter. Former IAS officer Vinod Rai, who held the responsibility of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for three years, has made a new disclosure on the alleged rift between Kohli and Kumble. Rai was made the Chief Administrator of BCCI on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Rai wrote in his book “Not Just a Nightwatchman – My Innings in the BCCI” – Kohli was troubled by Kumble’s overdiscipline. Kohli felt that due to this tough attitude of Kumble, there was an atmosphere of fear among the young players. Actually, Rai wants to say that Kumble was more strict about the discipline and Virat felt that this creates an atmosphere of fear among the young players of the team.

Till now the matter is talked about
Rai wrote – Kohli did not agree with Kumble’s method. The tussle between Kohli and Kumble has been one of the most talked about chapters in the recent history of Indian cricket. Despite the team’s good performance in the West Indies and the journey to Team India’s final in the Champions Trophy in England, Kumble resigned as the head coach of Team India, citing “untenable relations” with skipper Kohli.

Kumble was unhappy with the importance being given to Virat

Kumble became the head coach of Team India in 2016. He decided to step down after the 2017 Champions Trophy. Then India lost to Pakistan in the final. Rai wrote – The great leg-spinner Kumble was upset by this defeat. After returning from Britain, Vinod Rai had a long conversation with Kumble.

Similar claims were made in media reports of that period as well. Various allegations were leveled against Kumble. Kumble believed that he had been treated unfairly. As a coach, he considered it the duty of the coach to bring discipline and professionalism in the team.

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