Kotdar’s nephew was accused of threatening the villagers, was not giving ration for three months. Kotdar’s nephew was accused of threatening the villagers, was not giving ration for three months

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In a village of Mahoba district, the kotedar was accused of not giving ration and the kotedar’s nephew was accused of canceling the card by giving wrong information. The matter has now reached the DM’s office. The victims allege that the Kotedar is not giving them ration for the last 3 months arbitrarily. It is alleged that the nephew of the kotedar runs the quota. To harass people, make a false complaint and get their ration card canceled. In lieu of getting the ration card again, the demand for convenience fee is also being made from the villagers.

The victim reached the DM office to complain.

The victim reached the DM office to complain.

Accused of not giving ration for 3 months

Actually this whole matter is of Amanpura village of Kulpahar tehsil. Where Rajkumar and Hardas have come to give a complaint letter to the district officer. Rajkumar alleges that the government ration shop operating in his village is being operated in the name of Sunita. The work of running it is done by his nephew Mahendra. It is alleged that ration is not being given to him by Mahendra for the last 3 months. In the name of giving ration, their thumb is attached but ration is not given. On resisting this, the nephew of the kotedar threatens to implicate him in a false case and kill him.

Card canceled by making false complaint

The victims also allege that their ration cards were forcibly canceled after making false complaints to the Fulfillment Department. He takes care of his family by working as a laborer, but still Mahendra, while making a false complaint in the department, got the ration card closed by showing him four wheelers and other resources. Not only this, ration cards of many other villagers have also been canceled. Which is also being demanded for convenience fee in lieu of getting the ration card made again. The victims say that they are being tortured by the nephew of the Kotdar. Their rights are being taken away by giving false complaints.

A complaint has also been made to the Deputy District Magistrate in this regard in the past but the problem could not be resolved. In such a situation, while making a written complaint of the entire matter to the District Officer, a demand has been made for the investigation of the said case as well as action against the accused Kotdar and his niece.

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