Krishna Abhishek said on Sushant’s death, Industry ke kuchh log bahut udd rahe the, ab shaant ho gaye hain | Krishna Abhishek said on Sushant’s death, some people used to fly a lot in the industry, misshave others, after this incident now their feet have hit the ground.

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Krishna shared this photo on Instagram with Aarti Singh and Sushant Singh Rajput.

The film industry has also not recovered from the shock of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The CBI is investigating the cause of death. Despite more than 70 days of Sushant’s death, new things are coming out every day.

Angles such as depression, nepotism, drugs are also associated with this case. In such a situation, Krishna Abhishek feels that this case has also opened the eyes of the industry in many ways.

‘Mental health is very important’

Krishna said in an interview, ‘This incident has proved that mental health is very important, otherwise how will you work? After Sushant’s death, people are talking about mental health and taking care. People have already become very aware and calm down. Earlier people used to misbehave with others and they had problem. They used to think that I am just in the world, now their feet have come to the ground.

‘Take precautions on social media’

Krishna took to social media and said that if celebs cannot afford its negativity, then they should not come on social media.

Krishna said, ‘A person can go mad and he can take dangerous steps. In such a situation, leaving social media is right Ranbir Kapoor never appeared on social media. If you can’t handle it, please don’t come on social media. I only share work related posts and only use them professionally on social media. I remain active on social media very rarely.

If you start giving every update related to your daily life here that I have just brushed etc. then people will start abusing. ‘

On the trolling of the celebs, Krishna said, ‘On one side people say oh I started being trolled and on the other hand what tights you have bought are posting at 11 pm. Why are you so available that people start trolling? ‘


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