KSU activists stage sit-in protest in Kannur

Kerala Students Union (KSU) activists on Friday staged a sit-in protest in front of the house of Kannur University Vice Chancellor Gopinath Ravindran, alleging that there was an attempt to illegally appoint the wife of A.N. Shamseer, MLA, in the university.

The protesters took out a rally and crossed the police barricade before staging the sit-in. The protest was inaugurated by KSU district president P. Muhammad Shammas.

Mr. Shammas said that the hasty move to make appointments was “mysterious” and that the university rules were being flouted for the appointment of relatives of CPI(M) leaders and that the Vice-Chancellor was complicit in this.

He said the Vice-Chancellor’s move to interview candidates at his home was against the norms.

He alleged that there was an attempt to appoint the MLA’s wife to the permanent post of Assistant Director at the UGC HRD Centre in Kannur University, in violation of rules.

Earlier, an attempt was made to appoint the MLA’s wife in the university. But the High Court had intervened and stayed the appointment, he said.

Later, the police arrested and removed Mr. Shammas and other KSU activists.


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