Kushwaha will remain in JDU before expansion: Nitish will also do social engineering in the cabinet and will also reduce the strength of opposition

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Patna2 minutes agoAuthor: Brijam Pandey

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  • Kushwaha decided to handle education before the oath of the Legislative Council

Nitish Kumar is finalizing the deal with BJP at the Center and Bihar on the one hand and on the other hand, is strengthening his party from every angle. Nitish is taking advantage of the delay in cabinet expansion on two front lines – 1. He is also preparing to fix the system of social engineering in the cabinet by including Upendra ‘Kushwaha’. 2. They are engaged in connecting strong faces, which may become the strength of opposition in future.

Kushwaha decided to handle education before the oath of the Legislative Council

CM Nitish Kumar will soon induct his old colleague Upendra Kushwaha into the JDU. As soon as Upendra Kushwaha joins the JDU, the way for him to enter the cabinet will also be cleared. If sources are to be believed, preparations are on to give Upendra Kushwaha a heavy department. On this condition, Upendra Kushwaha is also ready to merge RLSP with JDU.

Kushwaha met CM twice in the dark of night

After the formation of the new government, Upendra Kushwaha has met CM Nitish Kumar twice in the dark of night. Former state president Vashisht Narayan Singh has also stamped his inclusion in the JDU. Now preparations are on to get Upendra Kushwaha to enter the Legislative Council through Governor nomination and get him the ministerial oath. The wait is just that the ‘deal’ can be confirmed by the other parties with whom negotiations are going on. Right now talks are on with AIMIM MLAs, LJP MLAs and Congress MLAs. JDU hopes to have a ‘deal’ soon.

Inner angry with external entry

The entry of outside leaders in JDU is making the leaders who are already inside and looking forward to becoming MLC-ministers very angry. Those leaders feel that ‘despotism’ is happening. In such a situation, the leaders of the same society are angry about the social equation about which CM Nitish Kumar, Upendra Kushwaha and minority leaders are going to be included in the JDU. On the condition of anonymity, a leader said that those joining JDU do ‘politics of opportunity’.

Let us tell that Upendra Kushwaha is going to join the JDU again. Earlier also, Kushwaha was made a member of Rajya Sabha by CM Nitish Kumar in JDU in 2010. He later resigned and formed his own party RLSP and joined the NDA to become the Minister of State at the Center.


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