LAC row: India responded ferociously at Galwan, says top Chinese analyst | News – Times of India Videos

Sep 14, 2020, 05:11PM ISTSource: Times Now

Top Chinese analyst Gordon G. Chang said that India responded ferociously against China at Galwan. He added further that the Chinese army’s failures on the Indian border will have consequences. Relevantly, describing Xi Jinping as the “architect” of recent aggressive moves against India, a leading US magazine has reported that the Chinese President has risked his future with the high-profile incursions into Indian territory that โ€œunexpectedly flopped” in the face of ferocious fightback by the Indian Army. Xi, 67, already roiling the Communist Party with a “rectification” campaign and mass persecution of foes, will launch “another brutal purge” following the Chinese army’s failures on the Indian border, the Newsweek said in an opinion piece. โ€œUnfortunately for Xi, he is the “architect” of these aggressive moves into India and his People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has unexpectedly flopped. The Chinese army’s failures on the Indian border will have consequences,โ€ it said, adding that the recent developments give Xi an excuse to pick up the pace of replacing adversaries in the armed forces with loyal elements.


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