Last meet of Kozhikode Corporation council proves uneventful

The third online council meeting of the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation on Wednesday was rather uneventful, mainly due to limitations of the medium. Most councillors seemed unaware of the online meeting proceedings, and hence the session was rather noisy with very less creative inputs from them.

The council meeting, presided over by Mayor Thottathil Raveendran, was the last of the present council, which is to be dispersed in a week owing to the forthcoming local body polls. Except for a few objections from Opposition councillors and the postponement of one item in the agenda, the meeting was devoid of much discussion.

Opposition councillors C. Abdurahman of the IUML and Nambidi Narayanan of the BJP expressed discontent over the committee report on Mahila Mall. The Mayor suggested that they put their suggestions down on paper and submit at the Corporation office before the council dispersed and assured that action would be taken considering their suggestions.

The Medical College rest house renovation was one of the issues that drew discontent from the Opposition councillors. They pointed out that the corrections they had suggested in the proposal when it was submitted in the previous council were not included in the agenda. The decision to confirm the jobs of 65 contingent workers of the corporation was also questioned by the Opposition. Congress councillor Vidya Balakrishnan and IUML’s K.T. Beeran Koya had expressed their discontent on paper. The Opposition alleged that the ruling front had vested interests in confirming the jobs.

The council unanimously postponed the proposal from Reliance Jio to set up cable poles in various parts of the city.


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