Leh Ladakh will reach after traveling 4000 km by taking cars from UP. Six Handicapped will reach Leh Ladakh after traveling 4000 km by taking cars from UP

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Team of Divyang which has left for Leh Ladakh in cars from Uttar Pradesh.

It is said that flight is not done by wings, but by courage. Something similar is the story of six Divyang Diwans who left for Leh-Ladakh while measuring the roads with speed from Uttar Pradesh. They have come out of Uttar Pradesh to travel four thousand kilometers by cars. Along with this, they are also giving a message that disability comes from the brain. If the spirits are raised, then even disability cannot stop the path of a person.

The team of these six people, who left two days ago from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, reached Jalandhar today. Leading the team has been Sunil Mangal and his companion Squadron Leader (R) Mr. Abhay Pratap Singh, the Chief Convener of the Yatra Expedition, while the team consists of Vijay Singh Bisht, Somjit Singh, Ravi Kant, Veer Singh along with 7 other associates from Leh Ladakh. Off on a journey. This group of six differently abled left from Lucknow 2 days ago and reached Jalandhar via Chandigarh. This journey onwards will be completed via Amritsar via Jammu and Kashmir.

These people are going to travel 4000 km from Lucknow to Leh Ladakh in 15 days by their own adapted car. The purpose of this unique effort is to connect Divyangjan with the proud talent of India. They believe that only the one who comes out of the house gets the way, that is why the name of the journey has been kept as Chalo Jeetein Hum.

A handicapped sitting on the driving seat of the car for Leh Ladakh

A handicapped sitting on the driving seat of the car for Leh Ladakh

These differently-abled say that the main purpose of this journey is to promote self-confidence in the minds of the disabled companions and to make the environment of the public places of the country barrier-free so that their movement remains barrier-free. Connecting Divyangjans with the One District One Product (ODOP) stream, so that they become self-reliant, they should be able to get employment in their villages and cities.

During the visit, while interacting with the media in Jalandhar’s Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall, he said that we all have made this determination, to strengthen the Divyangs, in this auspicious wishes of all of you are expected, so that humanity becomes victorious. These Divyangs are being led by an officer of the Indian Army and along with them the rest of the Divyangs have also earned a big name in their respective fields. This campaign started by six differently-abled people will run from June 12 to 27 under the ‘Chalo Jeetein Hum’ campaign, the Amrit Mahotsav Yatra of freedom being celebrated in the country.

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